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Liev Schreiber Brings Son To Comic-Con Dressed As Harley Quinn

Fan conventions are a time for fun. Plenty of people dress up as their favorite characters and pose for tons of photos with other fans who love said character. Think of it as being dressed as a sports team mascot and everyone at the stadium wants to take a photo with you, pretty awesome, right? Not to mention, cosplaying allows people to let out their inner creativity.

Harley5 Creative Commons

Tons of people make their own cosplays from scratch or will make a whole living out of it. Don’t believe us? Just check out Instagram. There are tons of cosplayers making a killing as models dressed up as their favorite characters. These cosplayers are even sent wigs, costumes, and makeup all for free in hopes of getting good reviews. It’s a cool industry to get into and one that’s exponentially growing.

Nevertheless, not all cosplayers make a living out of it, some really do just want to have fun. Take Liev Schreiber’s children for example. Schreiber recently took his two sons to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) but he’s gotten a mixed response from social media users. One of Schreiber’s sons, Sasha, was simply dressed up as a Jedi and people felt no ways about that, but his other son, Kai, was dressed as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

Overall, fans are pretty upset about it for a variety of reasons. Some people think it’s ridiculous that Schreiber let his son dress up like a female character. Others are upset that he let his son dress up as Harley Quinn who wears a ‘slutty outfit.’ And of course, there are some who aren’t upset at all and actually find Schreiber pretty admirable.

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