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Life Hacks That Will Save You A Lot Of Money


Sometimes the best things in life are the ones that save you money. From laundry tips and tricks to ways to reduce your energy bills, the smallest little improvements can make the big things in life so much more simple…and cheap! Like they say, time is money, and when a simple tip or trick can help you save that hard earned cash, why not try it out?

Life hacks of all kinds come and go, but it’s the ones that save you money that are worth remembering.

Here are life hacks that will save you a bunch of money.

1. Did you know that it’s much cheaper to buy prescription drugs at membership warehouses? This is because medications are government regulated, so you don’t actually need a membership if you’re buying prescription drugs at a place like Costco.

2. This might seem like common sense, but save yourself some money on your bills by drying your clothes outside on a clothesline on a nice day.

3. Refilling the sheets and cleaning liquid in Swiffer WetJets can get pretty expensive. To save yourself some money, use a cheaper cleaning liquid in the Swiffer fluid canister when you need to refill it. Also, use dryer sheets instead of pads.

4. Did you know that there are apps that give you rebates when shopping? All you have to do is scan your grocery receipt on the app, and you’ll get a rebate!

5. Pour a packet of grape Kool-Aid into the tank of your toilet to check if it has a leak. If the water in the tank is purple after an hour, it means that your toilet is leaking.

6. Use a basket at the grocery store instead of a cart. If you use a cart, you’ll tend to grab more than you actually need and end up spending more money. Using a basket means that you’ll only grab the necessities, thus saving you a bunch of cash!

7. Before you put anything in your washer, make sure you close all the zippers. When you put it in the laundry machine, zippers can damage or tear other articles of clothing, costing you unnecessary money.

8. If you purchase gift cards that are discounted, you can save a ton of cash. There are lots of websites online that sell gift cards at discounted rates, so if you stock up on them you’ll end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

9. The store brand at a grocery store is typically 25% cheaper than the regular name brand. Start buying store brands and save money!

10.  Use an empty soda can tab to hang pictures and even your clothes.

11. Grab a banana and use it to wipe off any residue on a CD or DVD instead of buying an expensive cleaner.

12. This may seem like common sense, but most people don’t know this small little fact. If you want to reduce your food expenses, just drink more water! Dehydration tricks your body into thinking that you’re hungry, when in reality you’re probably just thirsty.

13. If you’re running low on black ink in your printer, try changing the color of the text to dark blue. This will allow you to print a few more times before you have to get the refill.

14. Another helpful tip for saving money on printing costs is printing everything you type in Garamond font. Garamond font requires less ink from the printer, so you won’t be using as much ink when you print things out.

15. When you get home from work or from a night out, dump any change (even if it’s a nickel or a dime) into a change jar. By the end of the year, and depending on how much change you put into the jar, you can save hundreds of dollars.

16. Make sure to clean your dryer vent after each use. A clogged dryer uses more energy and can even cause a fire!

17. If you have multiple coworkers who drive to work, start a carpool and save yourself tons of gas money.

life17 - Copy

18. This is another one that seems like common sense, but lots of people don’t do it. Turn off the lights you are not using in your home, especially if you go out for the day.

19. Instead of shopping at brand name stores, try checking out some thrift shops. Lots of thrift shops have hidden gems and brand name pieces of clothing at ridiculously discounted rates.

20. Instead of going out to eat so much (which can get pretty expensive), cook at home and save yourself some money.

21. When at a restaurant, don’t spend unnecessary money on soda. Order water and you’ll notice that your bill will be significantly less expensive.

22. If you really want to save money, borrow books from the library instead of purchasing them brand new. Reading doesn’t have to cost you anything!

23. Leave your credit card at home! If you’re anything like me, you like to bring your credit card with you everywhere you go “in case of emergency.” Don’t! Leaving your credit card at home means you are less likely to use it on unnecessary things.

24. Instead of buying a lunch at the work cafeteria, bring your leftovers from the night before.

life24 - Copy

25. If it’s possible to get somewhere through public transportation or even walking, do it and save yourself some gas money! You’d also be doing your cardiovascular health a favor.

26. If you’re not sure if you want to dish out the extra bucks for a gym membership without even knowing if you’ll use it, get a free trial! Most gyms offer one to three day passes for free trials if you’re hesitant about joining.

27. If you’re spending over $5 every day on coffee, it’s time to start brewing your own. You’ll notice that you’re saving money in no time!

28. Buy a water filter so that you don’t have to spend any more money on bottled water. You’d also be helping the environment by reducing the amount of plastic bottles that accumulate in landfills every year.


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