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10 Life Hacks That Could Save Your Life


Survival life hacks are the best kind of life hacks because they’re the types of things that we can really rely on and use in desperate times, and they could potentially help save our lives!

And who doesn’t want their life to be saved, right?

Here are 10 life hacks that could save your life!

1. Extra packs of batteries are something that we should always have around in emergency situations. This particular life hack will teach you how to turn your triple A batteries into double A batteries.

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is insert your triple A batteries into the slot where double A batteries should go, and place tin foil in the gaps between the batteries and the connectors. This will carry over the electric charge, sending power to your product.

2. Did you know that you can use a cigarette to create a makeshift knife? Keep in mind that this can be extremely dangerous because the cigarette filter can get very sharp, so be careful!

Light up the filter end of a cigarette. Allow it to burn, and then lick your fingers and use them to squash down the filter to make it flat. This will turn the filter into a sharp knife.

3. If you’re ever in dire need of clean water but don’t have access to it, this tip can help you, and all it requires is one cloth and two containers.


Put water into the first container and cover the second container with the cloth. When you pour the water from the first container over the cloth and into the second container, the cloth will work as a filter for dirt.

4. If you’re ever in a sinking car, it’s not recommended to try to open the door because the water pressure will keep your from opening it (even if you’re super strong).

If this ever happens to you, try using the seat belt buckle or any other hard object you may have in the car to break through the window to allow you to escape through it.

5. If you’re ever stranded and have no phone or charger, try this tip to momentarily charge your phone. Grab your car charger and touch the end of it onto the positive side of a 9 volt battery.  

Then put a key onto the negative side of the battery, and it will charge. Keep in mind that this will not charge your phone up to 100%, but will charge it enough so that it turns on and you can make a quick emergency phone call.

6. If you’re ever being tied up, clench your fists extremely tight. This will allow the muscles in your wrist to expand, which will make them larger when the rope is being tied.

Once the rope is tied and your hands are relaxed, you will be able to slip through them and make your escape.

7. Use high calorie snacks like potato chips to keep a fire burning.

If you’re ever in dire need of kindling, you can use chips, cereal and other snacks like ramen noodles to keep a fire burning. Ramen noodles are great to use because they’re soaked in oil, which will allow them to burn slowly.

8. If you’re ever being attacked and need to defend yourself, use your keys.

Don’t wrap your fist around it and put the keys in between your fingers, but put your keys in one direct line and use your palm to keep it in line. This will allow you to jab at anyone more effectively, and will reduce the risk of the keys slipping from your fingers.

9. It’s always good to have some spare cash with you in case of an emergency, but having extra cash can also put you at risk of getting robbed. To eliminate this risk, follow this survival life hack.

All you have to do is slip a bill (or two, or three) into the space that is between your phone and your phone case. You can also slip any ID in there if it fits. This will allow you to hide your cash in a place that is easy to access, but also secure. Just make sure you don’t lose your phone!

10. If you ever have a power outage and run out of candles, use crayons!

Crayons are made out of wax, so if you light them they will burn for up to thirty minutes. Just make sure you keep them in a safe spot.


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