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Watch A Lifetime In 60 Seconds

A majority of skin care ads are notorious for showing aging like it’s a bad thing and something that can be prevented. Many companies will push their skin products by promoting features that unrealistically diminish the natural signs of getting older. However, Vitusapotek has created a refreshingly genuine campaign to promote skin care that celebrates the human body at all ages.

Vitusapotek, a chain of 200 pharmacies in Norway owned and run by Norsk Medisinaldepot, teamed up with the ad agency T/A Pol to create an advertisement that portrays the importance of skin care in a new light. The campaign, “A Lifetime In 60 Seconds,” shows a variety of women of all different ages happy in their bare skin.

From ages 0 to 100, the female models are shown in chronological order to give the audience a glimpse of a century’s work of natural beauty. Each of the women in the one-minute video has an undeniable confidence despite their age. Instead of filtering out blemishes, the advertisement highlights the natural process of aging, celebrating each wrinkle and laugh line.

In a behind-the-scenes video, ad photographer Pål Laukli reiterated the campaign’s natural aesthetic, stating, “We’re not doing any retouching. We’re going to let people be what they are… It’s a really refreshing take on showing the human body just the way it is.”

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