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16 Photos Where Light And Perspective Go Against All Logic


There are many artists who intend for their work to be visually disorienting, creating optical illusions that play tricks on the viewer. Some famous artists who specialize in optical illusion include:

  • M. C. Escher,
  • Rob Gonsalves,
  • Octavio Ocampo,
  • Oleg I. Shuplyak.

However, there are some people who have created illusions unintentionally. Some fluke photography can end with mind-boggling results, usually due to the play of light and shadow in combination with angle and perspective.

Here are 16 photos where light and perspective go against all logic.

1. At first glance, it appears that this woman is giving a speech while humbly standing on a levitating platform on the beach. However, this accidental illusion was created due to the shadow of a nearby flag.


2. Chance timing caught the light eye shadow of this girl while she was looking down with her eyes closed and turned her into an unintended demonic prom date.

3. Perspective can be a funny thing. The placement of this girl’s hand around her friend perfectly lines up with the man’s arm in the background making him look like a father not ready to let go of his college-bound daughter.

4. This disorienting picture makes it look like there’s a ship just casually floating in the sky behind unsuspecting spectators. However, the ship is in fact in the water, the difference in color of the sea makes the image perplexing.

5. This picture is bound to get some double takes, but it has a fairly simple explanation. This man is standing sideways on a tree that had fallen over and took part of the ground with it.

6. The way the snow piled up in this statue’s hands makes it look like he’s holding a cat, Godfather-style.

7. This selfie is a hard one to wrap your head around at first, but it all makes sense when you realize that the body on the left actually belongs to the head on the right.

8. At first glance, this looks like a kid who certainly wouldn’t need to ask anyone to pass him anything on the dinner table. However, this extended arm illusion is the result of another kid venturing under the table.

9. Floating island? While this looks like a bad Photoshop job rather than an actual picture, this seemingly detached island is really just atop a darker sea. If you’re still confused, follow the dark band underneath the island to the right.

10. If this was a finishing line photo to break a tie, it wouldn’t be very helpful. The longer you look at this one it becomes more and more confusing as to who is actually in the lead.


11. This photo of a woman stretching at the gym has completely stumped the Internet. Is she just incredibly flexible? Possessed? Or is there some other sort of illusion at play here?


12. You may be drawn to what you want to see here, but things get really confusing when you start to debate if that’s a lake in the distance or a fence.

13. What appears to be a collage of three images is actually all one photograph. Managing to capture four colors in one picture, this photographer may have unintentionally mastered perspective play.

14. This pup looks like he’s going to grow up to give Clifford the Big Red Dog a run for his money, but this frolicking dog was just captured at the right time and from the right perspective to pull off this illusion.


15. The color of this window ledge matches up perfectly with the road below making it look like there’s a giant sparrow about to wreak havoc on unsuspecting townspeople.


16. This is not a large fluffy chicken drumstick, just a cat napping in an intricate way.  


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