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Strange Link Between Home Alone And Friends That No One Seems To Have Noticed For Ten Years

Chances are you probably revisited the Home Alone movies this Christmas season. The timeless classic about a family leaving their son behind when they go on Christmas vacation has been enjoyed year after year since it’s release in 1990.  

Another favorite from the 90s, that some may have been binge watching during their time off from work, is the television show Friends. Anyone who grew up in the early to mid 90s holds these staples dear, but what if we were to tell you that there was actually a connection between the two?


Don’t worry, we aren’t going to tell you a made up story about how Kevin grows up to be Chandler–or something like that. The connection between these two franchises is mind blowing and if you haven’t noticed it already, you won’t be able to look at them the same again!

Fans of the show probably remember Monica and Chandler moving from their Manhattan apartment to find a house in the suburbs, but has anyone taken a look to see where exactly they moved to? What could possibly be better than living in their stylish and comfy apartment? Perhaps the luxurious Mcallister house from Home Alone?

Fans might be ready to call us out saying this can’t be true since Kevin lives in Chicago and Friends takes place in New York. Though this is correct, this video points out perfectly that Monica and Chandler have in fact moved into the Home Alone house.  

Images of the same street and the neighbourhood from Home Alone can be seen from the window during the final season of Friends. Stock footage from Home Alone was used to create the outside world under the impression that it would go unnoticed, but someone figured it out. 22 Vision contacted the homeowner of the famous home who confirmed that it is in fact the same house in both franchises.


The blue house across the street with the wreath on the door from Home Alone can be seen through the window of Monica and Chandler’s home! Airing almost 15 years apart from each other, the footage went unnoticed for a long time but with today’s technology it’s been spotted. Looks like Monica and Chandler scored a pretty decent home (without the booby traps, of course). Check out all the facts in the video below. 


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