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Man Sends Girlfriend List Of Rules For When She Goes On Vacation


Nothing says insecurity more than a list of rules you have compiled for your partner when they go on vacation. A confident, independent person will understand that if someone truly loves you and wants to be with you, then an arbitrary set of rules is not going to define or ruin that.

However, it seems like this 20-year-old gentleman is not quite sure about his relationship.

He compiled a list of 10 rules that his girlfriend had to abide by when she went away.

Some of these obscene rules include no talking to boys, no photos with boys (not even group photos), not allowing boys to take pictures on her phone and no adding boys on any social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


The list went on to ban any sort of eye contact with the opposite sex and also not allowing her to accept or buy drinks for the other gender.

05-secrets-of-happily-married-couples-kidsCouples Resort

It also stipulated that she could not use ‘drugs’ and that she would be ‘drug tested’ when she got back. Nothing says trust like testing your loved one’s urine!

02-secrets-of-happily-married-couples-bed-angryReader's Digest

And the last three rules to complete the arbitrary list were: ‘straight back to the hotel at the end of each night’, no ‘wing man-ing’ her friends and also ‘if your girls have boys back, leave the room and FaceTime me.’


And it appears that one of her friends got her hands on the list as a Twitter user, Ashleigh, decided to post the list online.


The caption read: ‘Josh is an absolute PSYCHO, imagine writing a list of rules for Lucy and he is not even with her. ‘No eye contact’ LMAO.’


When confronted with the list of rules, Josh said that he was only partially ‘joking’ but that Lucy said she would abide by the rules.

Regardless, I think Lucy can get away with talking to boys so long as they are grown ‘men’ and not ‘boys’ like the rules stipulate.


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