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Little Boy Feels Pain While Eating Hamburger, Hours Later X-Ray Reveals The Cause

Don’t you just love the summer? Warm weather, t-shirts and shorts and my all time favorite summer pastime: barbecues. With the warmer summer months quickly approaching, we can all look forward to delicious grilled foods and outdoor gatherings.

We are aware of the dangers that may arise in the summer and make it a point to steer clear of any avoidable mishaps. But, there is often a common danger that goes overlooked: forgetting to clean your grill before using it. This can cause serious health concerns and, if undetected, it may even be fatal.

In the case of young man Anthony Davis, enjoying a hamburger on a summer day quickly turned into an emergency room visit. A few minutes after finishing his meal, Davis began to feel a sharp pain in his throat.

Anthony’s mother, Nadia, used an old stainless steel bristle brush that she used from summers past to clean the family grill.

She hadn’t come up with any issues using her trusted grill brush in the past and assumed the brush was fine.

Unfortunately,  it seems as though the stainless steel brush was leaving bristles behind on the grill.

A bristle eventually stuck to a burger on the grill and as a result ended up in Anthony’s throat.

Anthony then complained that he felt feeling that was worsening in his throat. Using her motherly instincts, Mama Davis felt there was something wrong and decided to take her son to the hospital.

Upon arrival, Anthony was rushed to the emergency room and taken to the x-ray room.

The doctors decided to take x-rays of Anthony to determine what was causing the sharp pain in his throat.

Doctors determined that the pain was, in fact, a small silver piece of metal stuck in Anthony’s throat.

The metal was then apparent to Nadia and the doctors as a piece of bristle from the grill cleaning brush.

It was crucial that Young Davis had the metal removed as any further movement throughout his body could have seriously affected other organs

Fortunately, his surgery was successful and the metal was removed right in the nick of time.

Anthony did, however, develop an infection due to the dirty bristle lodged in his throat.

He was prescribed antibiotics and ordered to stay in the hospital overnight in order to be monitored closely by doctors.

Following his surgery and medication, Anthony was released from the hospital and more importantly, free of any metal bristle and infections.

Anthony’s mother encourages everyone to be mindful of their cleaning utensils. She advises people to look for alternatives to using metal bristles brushes.

According to doctors, Anthony’s case is rather common. Although cases like these are rarely spoken of and shared, it is important that we are aware of these hidden dangers. This will help us enjoy our summers and barbecues.


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