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25 Little Disasters Worth A Lot Of Laughs

There are big disasters, and then there are little disasters. Sometimes a house catches fire, sometimes you burn your tongue on hot pizza. Sometimes a silo tips over, sometimes you spill your milkshake. The points is, the little disasters can have almost as much impact as the big ones, depending on where you’re standing (like the silo drop zone or the milkshake spill radius). The best way to get through them is to laugh.

Laugh it up! You may look insane, but at least you’re keeping it together. While others may just get depressed, you spread joy like smooth peanut butter. Another example of a little disaster: running out of peanut butter.

That, by the way, is no laughing matter. However, watching someone get sprayed with something, or getting a bad sandwich from a cafe? Now those are the kinds of little disasters that are worth laughing at.

1. Well, this is obviously Katy Perry’s lunch: because it’s hot and it’s cold, it’s yes and it’s no. Alright, that was a pretty terrible joke. It was almost as terrible as putting an ice cold beverage on top of a hot box of noodles. We can all agree that this is an egregious violation of food law.

2. At least your teeth will be clear of zits: This is probably a terrible way to start a Monday, but it could be worse, right? You could have used the toothpaste to wash your face! That would have been so embarrassing, but then again probably not nearly as disgusting.


3. There are only two possibilities here: Either the copier went crazy and decided to explode ink all over your unlucky coworker, which doesn’t seem all that likely, or your coworker got tired of working there and just sort of exploded into nothingness, leaving only a couple of shoe prints behind.

4. Finally, time to eat those boiled eggs: Then you walk into the kitchen, and you realize that you’ve encountered one of those little disasters we’ve been talking about. Did anyone get hurt? No. Is the house still standing? Yes. However, your eggs are not boiled, and now you have to wait a little longer. Curse this cruel world!


5. The saddest thing is this picture was taken yesterday: There are probably better excuses to have for not going into work, but we think that “my car is encased in a thick shell of dirty ice” is actually a pretty good one. No one would be expecting you to take a chisel to this mess.

6. That doesn’t seem like such a disaster: In fact, that looks like a perfectly delicious chocolate cookie. Well, prepare to have your mind blown. This is no cookie, it’s a pizza, burnt beyond any shred of edibility it might have once had. Unless you like your pizza very well done, throw this one away.

7. When you have to try and share the theatre armrest: What happens when the person sitting next to you in the theatre is taking up the entire armrest? Do you just politely let them have it? Do you try to edge them off of it? Or do you just rip the thing off the seat and yell “Now no one gets it!”

8. Sometimes the people you love are the little disasters: For example, when your significant other ignores a tab that is holding the bag closed and instead tears into it like an animal. There’s nothing you can do though, because you love them, but this is getting pretty close to crossing the line.


9. Life is about knowing your limits: It’s about knowing what is within your grasp, and what is better left to others. For example, know what haircuts you can pull off and which ones you can’t, otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a ridiculous mushroom cut for weeks. Unless you make the (better) decision to shave it all off.

10. The updated shopping list now includes a table and a broom: The pressure is on, you’ve promised to throw the best barbecue on the block. Then, the night before everyone is to arrive, your table is shattered. Who is to blame? Only the wind. There is nothing you can do but laugh as you very carefully sweep up.

11. What do you do now?: The bottle has fallen in a way that it won’t spill any more water. That is, until you pick it up and all of the water comes pouring out. Clearly, the only solution to this problem is to just leave the bottle there forever. Sell it with the house when you move. Get far away from it and make it someone else’s problem.


12. Remember that episode of Friends?: The one where Rachel and Chandler are fighting over the cheesecake and then it falls on the floor? Yeah, that was pretty funny, but only when it isn’t happening to you. You can’t recover from this, and Joey’s not going to come in and ask “what are we having?”

13. The fear of everyone who drives a car: Nobody wants to be that person that drives away from the gas station with the nozzle still sticking out of their gas tank. So it’s kind of rewarding when you see that someone else did it, because now you’re thinking “great, that person is not me. I’m getting a treat!”

14. When you’re missing that one essential piece of apparel: Sometimes an outfit just doesn’t come together without one essential piece. In this case, it’s clearly the panda head that has unfortunately ended up in the water. Maybe if that guy reaches really hard he’ll be able to get it.

15. That’s not where that goes!: Nutella is a delicious spread when put on things like toast, bananas, or ice cream! It’s definitely not supposed to go on your keyboard! Just looking at this picture gives us anxiety. This might be considered more than a little disaster. At least the keyboard might taste better.

16. Truly this is a disaster: You’re working on that amazing lego model, and you get to the next step, only to realize that those goofballs gave you the wrong piece. Well, all you can do now is laugh maniacally while smashing what you’ve already put together with a hammer, because what is even the point anymore?

17. Never buy your mugs at Irony Depot: They never seem to do what you expect of them. So this ‘best day ever’ mug will just break when you’re actually having the best day ever. Also, don’t even ask about the ‘world’s best Dad’ mugs. That’s a whole other conversation.

18. This packaging is designed to infuriate you: First, it’s impossible to get it to open without a pair of extremely sharp scissors. On top of that, you better make sure that whatever is so important that it needs to be packed like that isn’t going to get damaged when you’re cutting the package open.

19. What should you be more worried about: the dog or the wall? Because honestly, the dog looks okay, but that wall is destroyed. Should you get mad at the dog, or should you give them some love and affection while also looking online for a good wall repair guy?


20. What it looks when you want to get out of work on time: You know those days. The clock is ticking, it’s five minutes to the end of the day, and you’re not quite done what you need to be doing. Rather than saving it for tomorrow or taking a little extra time that day, you rush through it, and hope no one notices.

21. When all your hard work doesn’t pay off: There’s just something missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you just don’t feel complete. Life can be confusing sometimes, and even though you thought you had it all figured out, it really just keeps throwing you for a loop. It really is puzzling.


22. You thought you were being so careful: you reached for the easy open tab, pulled it back, confident that your new product would be within your reach in moments. Alas, it was not to be, and now you must go to the kitchen to find a knife or something to get this stupid thing open.

23. Now you’ll always remember what he looked like: At least, you’ll always remember how your tattoo artist interpreted what he looked like. Why do people feel the need to tattoo a picture of their baby on themselves? They’re going to grow up and look different, you know. Might as well wait until they are adults and then get one.

24. Make sure those lids are on tight: You probably thought that’s exactly what you did, but guess what? You couldn’t have been more wrong. Now you’re really paying for it with paint all over the inside of your car. And trying to squeegee it out with your arm is just a fool’s errand.

25. Someone messed up at the pizza factory: “Okay, one more time. It goes cardboard, crust, sauce, toppings. Got it?” “Huh? Yeah, I got it.” “Okay, are you sure? It didn’t seem like you were listening at all.” “I was listening! Put the cardboard in, I got it! This job isn’t that hard.” No. No, it isn’t.

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