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Little Girl Forms An Unlikely Friendship With A Football Player And Their Farewell On His Last Day Will Make You Cry

Sometimes, the very best bonds begin with a simple hello. Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, and age proves to be just a number. Despite any barriers or obstacles, the strongest of friends prevail above all.

At Mississippi State, a friendship was formed in an unlikely scenario and circumstance. Fifth-year senior football player Donald Gray found a special connection in the form of a little fan who’s supported him since she was a baby. Jesse Sloan, a then three-year-old girl, had been attending Mississippi State’s games all her young life, waiting after the games to give high fives, or “five fives” as she would call it. During the 2015/16 season, one player, in particular, had noticed her, said she was cute, and kindly asked for a hug. That player was Donald Gray.

The toddler courageously reached out and gave him a hug. It was then that the bond between the two had been ignited. “The love I have felt from Jesse Sloan and Donald Gray’s friendship is amazing,” Jesse’s mother wrote on Facebook. “She talked about him daily, would not leave a game until she saw him”. Jesse was quick to claim Donald as her favorite person, and nothing would keep her away from him. He referred to her as his “best girl”, forming a one-of-a-kind relationship that is truly unique.

With all beginnings, unfortunately, come endings, and what followed this unbreakable bond was an emotional goodbye that would leave not a dry eye in sight.

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