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Although the world has made progress when it comes to racism and prejudice, it still exists all over the world today. This is why it’s important for parents to teach their kids from the start about valuing everyone’s life equally and not judging someone based on their race, appearance or sexual orientation.

A shining example of this is an 8-year-old girl named Autumn, whose actions while defending a black man against racist remarks she heard while at  KFC have gone viral.

Here’s her inspiring story.

Eight-year-old Autumn was getting food at a local KFC in White Center, Washington with her mother Danee when she overheard a remark that a customer made at a worker behind the counter who was black.

The worker was preparing an order when the customer began to make a scene in the restaurant.

As Autumn and her mother waited in line to order their food, the customer began to yell at the KFC workers. He stated that he absolutely refused to eat anything that had been cooked or prepared by a black man.

The customer continued to shout, refusing to allow the black man to take his order. He demanded that a different employee takes his order and prepares his food.

As Autumn and her mother watched the confrontation in front of them, they began to notice that the man who the racist remarks were directed towards was visibly upset.

Danee And Autumn both decided that they had to do something about this unacceptable behavior. They wanted to reach out to the man who had been harassed and show him their support.

Danee spoke with a friend named Jana, who is an art teacher at a Christian school and told her about the incident.

After speaking with her students about what had happened, Jana agreed to create cards of support for the cook to show that they supported him fully and do not accept any racist behavior.

Some of the cards contained messages of support like “God loves you”, and “I’m sorry that happened”. Some of the cards even included pieces of artwork.

When the cards were all completed, Autumn, Danee, Jana and a few of her students personally delivered the cards to the cook and even included some gifts.

The cook was speechless and surprised at what the children did for him.

The children gathered in the KFC together and approached the cook. As they gave him the cards, he began to cry. He was extremely thankful for what they did for him and exchanged hugs with them before they left.

When Autumn’s mother was asked why they wanted to help the man, she explained that what had happened was not right.

“It needs to be heard that this is just not tolerable,” Danee said. “Somebody was hurting, so what could I do to help that person?”

Autumn herself was there to deliver the man the letters. She admitted that she had only heard about racism through history books and school and that she thought it was silly that people were still racist. “It was a really sad thing to hear,” Autumn said about the whole situation.

Autumn and her friends’ acts of kindness did a lot to show the man that racist behavior should not be tolerated, and they are shining examples of what we should all do if faced with a situation like this in the future.


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