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Little Girl In Car Seat Waits For Beat To Drop In ‘Uptown Funk’ Before Perfectly Breaking It Down

Everyone has a certain song that they have to dance to when they listen to it. Whether it’s from the opening melody or the moment the beat drops, some songs are just too contagious to ignore. Ethan Than recently discovered that the secret to getting his niece groovin’ is a little Bruno Mars.

1 YouTube / Ethan Than

Uncle Ethan Than was videotaping his niece Maddie in her car seat while driving and listening to the incredibly catchy “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. From the light head bobs, it’s clear that Maddie approves of the beat, but it’s clear she’s waiting for one part in particular.

Staring aimlessly ahead as if the verse of the song is just wasting her time, Maddie begins to light up as the bridge starts to pick up. Recognizing the increasing pace of the song, the toddler props up two index fingers as if to let the rest of the car know her moment has almost arrived.

Instantly after Bruno Mars sings the lyric, “Don’t believe me just watch,” Maddie throws her arms up and begins dancing up as much of a storm as her car seat will allow. Once the beat drops, the toddler can’t resist breaking it down to the electro-funk chart topper.

Once the song slows down again, Maddie throws in some nonchalant hand motions and then lets out a hearty applause. “She knows where the beat is,” a woman can be heard saying in the car while laughing.

Ethan Than initially posted the YouTube video to Reddit’s video subreddit where it instantly took off. In only a matter of days, the video became #15 on YouTube’s trending page and managed to accumulate over 4 million views and counting. Maddie’s time to shine is only just starting!

Maddie may not be aware of her viral fame yet, but she certainly knows when to break it down. As one of the top comments on the Reddit post by TadGhostal1 says, “Say hello to Ellen for me.”


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