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18-Year-Old Let His Little Sister Practice Her Nails Skills On Him And Everyone Agrees He Looked Amazing

#2 Twitter @Sugarsiah Twitter @Sugarsiah

Having a sibling that’s there for you, no matter what, is pretty cool. Some of us don’t have a close relationship with our siblings, but for those of us who do, that’s a pretty special thing to have. Meet siblings Sugar Siah and his sister London.

Sugar Siah is 18-years-old and lives in Texas. His little sister London, 14, aspires to be a beautician. Last week, London asked her big brother if she can practice applying fake nails on him. Being the amazing brother he is, he agreed to help.

Sugar told BuzzFeed News: “I thought this would be a good way to bond after she asked if she could do them.” Already this guy deserves this best big brother award. Not only did he agree to get some fake nails, he did it to bond with his little sister. So adorable.

They then took pictures of London applying the chic nails to her brother. She decided to go with a bold and sexy red. It honestly looks amazing!

After she was done applying and painting the nails, Sugar decided to take some photos with his new look. He’s completely killing it! Take a look down below as he casually eats candy with his fresh nails.

He then decided to take a photo of himself while holding a jar of pickles. Of course, that was just an excuse to show off the long, bright red nails. He looks good!

Siah told BuzzFeed that he loves Twitter and decided to post a few pictures of himself and his nails. He captioned his post “…Not gonna lie, I feel like a bad [expletive].”

People in the Twitter world couldn’t help but comment on Sugar’s post. Everyone was pretty impressed with him. Most girls even noted that they want to find a man like that who is willing to do whatever for his partner.

Someone tweeted, “usually guy’s masculinity is so fragile…THIS IS A MAN YALL”. Others commented on what a supportive brother he is. One person tweeting “she does good work. You’re awesome to support her, and cute. Like WOAH”.

Then there were those who really appreciated London’s skills as a beautician. I’m sure that gave her a ton of confidence in what she wanted to do in her future career. Props to Sugar for helping with that as well.

I think what Sugar did should teach all the guys out there to be confident in their sexuality and when you need to help your little sister, girlfriend or even friend…go for it! Good job Sugar!


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