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These Are The People Living In The Year 3017, While We Live In 2017


Sometimes people have ideas that are so innovative it’s almost as if they’re from the future. Twitter has been exploding with the ‘Living in 3017’ meme and it’s equally hilarious and genius.

Tons of users are sharing their hacks and tricks that put them ahead of the game by more than a few centuries. Some people find a new use for an old object, and others create something completely new.

Here are 16 examples of people who are living in 3017 while the rest of us are stuck back here in the old days.

Chances are you’ll be shaking your head at some, and taking notes on others.

1. This man came up with the perfect way to wear a hat and headphones at the same time. He’s totally living in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 3.18.22 PM smosh

2. Who needs to wash dishes when you can just eat your cereal straight out of the box. Total 3017 material.

3. This guy is over here way ahead of the game. Getting clean and saving water by doing his dishes. I think this one might be more of a gag post. I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

4. Absolutely genius. Anyone who has makeup knows that there are days where you just don’t want to sacrifice great art to a shower.  

5. The kids are way ahead of the adults these days. Growing up with technology is making them smarter! This kid knows where it’s at.

6. Whatever kid did this is way ahead of their time. Why drink normal fountain water when you can be living in 3017 drinking lemon fountain water.

7. This is one of the original 3017 memes. It’s a mystery how this guy managed to perfectly line up his cover and profile photo so that his entire face appears.

8. So… innovative… Why have one type of cereal when you can have three? I’m surprised no one has thought of this before.

9. If I received a business card like this I would definitely be interested enough to look them up online. This guy is either a genius designer or from 3017.

10. Brilliant! Now they won’t have to worry about their friends cheating by glancing at the opposing split screen.

11. Revolutionary to be honest. These guys are going to have a delicious grilled cheese sandwich in half the prep time.

12. And then there’s this girl who is totally going places. Fidget spinner shoes are probably the most 3017 on this list.


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