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Local Police Warn That If You Spot Purple Fence Posts, You Should Stay Away

If you live in or even just visited Texas, it is highly likely that you have seen fence posts or trees that are painted purple. So many people have seen this, but not everyone really know what it means or that you should stay away from these purple fence posts and trees.


Texas and some other states have a purple paint law. The purple paint law allows residents and landowners to mark the edges of the territory with bright purple paint. This gives them the option of not having to build a wall to mark your property or putting up no trespassing signs. These purple fence posts and trees essentially mean no trespassing.

There are a number of reasons aside from land owners not having to build walls as to why the purple paint option exists for property owners. Climate change is having a very destructive effect on America’s southern states, so ‘No Trespassing’ signs can and are easily blown away and/or damaged.

As with a lot of large properties, it is difficult to monitor and patrol the outskirts of your property everyday on top of all the other work you have to do. This is why landowners in Texas and other states with the purple paint law can feel certain nothing and on one knocked off their signs, they just mark it with paint.

The purple paint serves not only to tell people to not go onto private property, but also signifies to hunters that this property is private and to not hunt on it. It helps protect the property owners from stray bullets but also since in Texas you can shoot trespassers, it protects the people from getting shot by the owner.

3YouTube / Cara Prichard

This law is not new. It was first legislated in Arkansas in 1987. If you are from Texas or Arkansas or other states with this law and are thinking to yourself ‘Hmm, well I have walked beyond a purple fence or tree’ yes you have broken the law. Other states that have this law include Texas, Illinois, Missouri, and Idaho. The is much longer of all the states that have this law.

The law in Texas states that purple paint markings ‘must be:vertical, at least 8 inches long, at least 1 inch wide. The bottom of the mark should be between 3-5 feet above the ground. Markings can be no more than 100 feet apart in timberland. Markings can be no more than 1,000 feet apart on open land, they must be in a place visible by those approaching the property.’

4YouTube / Cara Prichard

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