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16 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Log Off The Internet Forever

The internet provides a wealth of knowledge at the touch of our fingertips, and you’d think that with access to this intellectual bounty that the human race would somehow cross the threshold of stupidity, but unfortunately that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Often times people don’t think before they speak, and unfortunately, this is no exception for the internet. However, what might be considered someone’s mistaken opinion, happens to be our marvelous entertainment.

As you’re about to witness, the following article contains such horrors of ignorance, so many blunders of buffoonery, so many hysterical errors, that you might want to reconsider your thoughts and internet presence the next time you post something to the web.  The following 16 pictures are REAL examples of how silly human logic can be at times!

1: This poor soul must have failed their geography exams because we don’t think they realize how maps work:

Twitter | Unknown

2: A palindrome is a word or sequence of numbers that read the same backward as they do forward. For example, racecar is a racecar, 1001 is 1001, and 2020 is… umm… 

Twitter | Unknown

3: Oh, Flat Earthers, you silly gooses!

4: I know getting your wisdom teeth out during the holidays isn’t the greatest, but I think you meant to say anesthetized, otherwise I’m not sure you’d be able to make this post…

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