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15 Comics That Totally Nail What It’s Like To Be In A Long-Term Relationship

long term relationship comics.

Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship can tell you that it takes sacrifice, patience, and lots of love to make it work. Sometimes, they can be odd, but this comic artist perfectly illustrates what it’s like with her long-term relationship comics.

The artist we’re speaking about is Sarah Graley, a comic illustrator from the United Kingdom, who has dazzled millions with her comics about life and all its quirks. One of her recent publications includes the Rick and Morty: Lil’ Poopy Superstar comics which has become an instant hit.

This latest series featured on her website, outline perfectly what it’s like to spend a great deal of time with someone with her long-term relationship comics.

Sarah Graley can be seen here in an Instagram post with her partner Stef who is a comic book illustrator himself. Together the two travel to varying comic book conventions to meet their fans and sign artwork. The following 15 comics showcase what it’s really like to live in a long-term relationship with another person.

1) The Fart Talk: Every couple who has been together for a long period of time talks about the time when they first farted around each other. If you’re in a heterosexual relationship, chances are it’ll be the guy who farts in front of his girlfriend first. In this case, well, you’ll have to just read the comic to see.

2) Animal Jokes: Here Stef and Sarah exchange in a silly back and forth about their pet Pesto, where Stef is explaining his disappointment that Pesto ran away from him. Here Sarah offers her condolences.

3) Tolerating Habits: Sometimes we do things that might upset our partner in a long-term relationship. However, it’s always a true testament to love and loyalty when they seem to tolerate the small silly bad habits we have.

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