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Man Who Lost Half Of His Face To Cancer Had It Rebuilt From His Legs

#7 Tough like Tim Tough Like Tim

Tim McGrath was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma which is a rare form of soft tissue cancer that left him with a massive tumor that was growing on his face. According to Metro, doctors were able to cut out the tumor.

But after multiple attempts, his body rejected the doctors’ efforts at rebuilding what they had taken out, leaving the 38-year-old with half of his face exposed. For the longest time, Tim thought he would have to live his life with exposed flesh.

Living with exposed flesh, Tim finally got the news from a top surgeon named Dr. Kongkrit Chaiyasate that he would help poor Tim out with his issue. According to Metro, the surgeon would use skin from Tim’s leg and forearm.

They successfully covered the exposed part of the 38-year-old’s face. Though his face might not look the way it once did, Tim is grateful for the surgery. This image shows Tim after his facial reconstruction surgery.

According to news reports, he enjoys every opportunity he is given even though the reconstruction work is still going on. Here he is before he was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma

He told news reports: “After the operation to remove the tumor I was heartbroken. I didn’t realize that half of my face would be taken away.”

Dr. Chaiyasate really gave Tom hope that things would truly start looking up with each surgery he went into to get his face back.

He continued noting that the scarring that he had on his face from previous surgeries limited a lot of his options for reconstruction, but Dr. Chaiyasate went ahead and did surgery anyways and the outcome has been great.

Metro quoted Tom saying: “He reconstructed my face using skin and muscle from my left leg, left forearm and a flap from my forehead and skin grafts were used to help the healing process”

He continued, “I currently can’t drink liquids, eat through my mouth or pronounce certain words, however, my quality of life has improved massively.”

Tom hopes that though many find it difficult to look at him, he hopes that people will look past his appearance and understand his story and strength.

#7 Tough like TimTough Like Tim


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