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16 Things Only Low-Maintenance Women Will Understand

What’s makeup? What are heels? What’s hair on fleek? These are the questions that only low-maintenance girls will understand. I mean some of us may call them tomboys, others may just call them LAZY. But I just like to call it being low-maintenance.

It definitely isn’t a bad thing to be high-maintenance, but it’s also not a bad thing to be low-maintenance. You do whatever makes you happy. But for those women who do consider themselves low-maintenance, they can’t be bothered with things like over excessive makeup, and making sure your hair looks PERFECT at all times.

If you are a bit confused as to what is considered a low-maintenance woman, don’t worry. I got you covered. Here are 16 examples of things that only low-maintenance women understand. Maybe you are a bit of both low and high-maintenance, or maybe you are one over the other. Regardless, these are pretty entertaining to read!  

1. You think by putting on some mascara on your upper eyelashes you’re wearing WAY too much makeup. Then you walk into your friend’s washroom and see 4 makeup bags of products you’ve never even heard of. Like, what’s the difference between concealer, foundation, and blush? And how the heck do you put on lip liner….

2. Jeans, skirts, dresses happen only if you HAVE to wear them for an outing or an event. Sweatpants were your go-to in high school but now that you are an adult, you have moved onto yoga pants. They are your everything. You wear them with a casual sweater, a nice jean-button down or just a plain t-shirt. Yoga pants are life for low-maintenance women.

3. People NOTICE when you have washed your hair. I mean, low-maintenance women know that it takes a whole lot of effort to wash your hair on a regular basis. On top of that, it’s healthier for your hair to leave it unwashed for a couple of days. But when you do wash it, friends and family act like you just got it professionally done.

4, Staying with the hair point, you don’t know any other hairstyles other than a ponytail and an occasional bun. Wearing it down is sometimes an option. But you typically prefer to stay with your simple, go-to hairstyle which is often a ponytail.

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