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24 Examples Of People Having The Luckiest Day Ever

Everyone has at least once had one notably positive yet seemingly random experience that can only be interpreted as luck. In the most extreme cases, a lucky break could involve winning the lottery or surviving a near-death experience. However, sometimes good fortune can be in the little things like finding a five dollar bill on the ground or catching the bus just in time.

The phenomenon of luck happens all the time even though it may not feel like enough to some individuals. Regardless of how you interpret good fortune, there is absolutely no denying that the people in the following photos caught one hell of a lucky break.

Here are 24 examples of people having the luckiest days of their lives.

1. It’s only natural to feel weary when driving behind a vehicle transporting contents, but most us have faith that the driver ahead secured their load properly. Unfortunately for this driver, that did not end up being the case for the truck he was following. However, in incredible fortune, he wasn’t driving with a passenger and the loose metal sheet ended up just missing him as it smashed through the windshield. This guy may want to avoid watching any of the Final Destination films.

2. It’s only natural that you’d become less cautious about where you’re stepping when wearing shoes, but flip-flops aren’t the most protective of footwear options. This guy was just inches away from a trip to the hospital, however, he was lucky enough to have this rusty nail just break the skin of his foot.

3. The fact that this woman decided to cross a ski slope with a skier just inches away from making a jump proves that she’s not very observant. However, she is incredibly lucky that this skier’s flip left her unscathed and that her ill-timed passing didn’t cause him to wipe out.

4. Imagine going bird-watching for a specific species, bringing along a guidebook to help identify said species, and then having that bird land directly on the page of its description. It may sound like a highly unlikely coincidence, but that’s exactly what happened to this fortunate bird enthusiast who certainly didn’t have to break out the binoculars.

5. If your job requires you to wear safety gloves, it’s probably for a very well-deserved reason. This worker was quick to realize the importance of his gear after having one incredibly close call. With his fingertips still luckily intact, he might want to invest in some even thicker gloves before getting back to work.

6. Most people cutting down a tree don’t really think twice about the operation other than where it will fall. However, this chainsaw-wielding person should have probably checked to see if anyone was home first. The squirrel cowering in the bottom of this tree trunk will probably never even know just how lucky it was.

7. It’s not often that slipping on ice is a lucky occurrence, but for this guy, it ended up saving his life. There was no way this Monster-branded truck could have gained control back on this unforgiving terrain so this guy’s chance fall, which let him narrowly escape under the vehicle, was a pure fluke.

8. This truck driver took one giant leap of faith when he decided to enter this tunnel, but luckily his instincts prevailed. Let’s just hope that whoever built this tunnel was very accurate with consistency. There’s no way this driver didn’t enter this tunnel white-knuckled until the screech-less soundtrack confirmed his good fortune.

9. This guy will probably not risk walking underneath anything hanging ever again. This seemingly windy day proved to be too much for this bulky sign, which happened to come crashing down to the ground just seconds after he walked under it. The visual crash alone is enough to know that this could have been deadly.

10. The only time you usually ever see an explosive escape as close as this one is in the movies. However, this pilot knew exactly when to abandon his aircraft. Let’s just hope that he has a parachute on him, but with his luck, there’s probably a lusciously grand set of trees just awaiting his descent.

11. Anyone whose office lunch tends to rely on a vending machine knows that it’s not always as easy as inserting coins and pressing a button. Every now and then, those less fortunate folks end up paying and receiving nothing. This lucky person, however, ended up getting three drinks for the price of one.

12. It’s not uncommon to find trails left by critters crossing through freshly fallen snow, but full body imprints? That’s definitely not an everyday sight. Clearly, this squirrel fell victim to a slippery roof and ended up splattering down onto the deck below. Luckily, it managed to get up and scurry away unscathed.

13. Considering this guy threw the basketball well above the actual net, he was probably attempting some sort of trick shot, but there’s no way that the end result was what he intended. He’s lucky that this basketball net was mounted because if it was on a stand, this would just be an embarrassing shot.

14. Whoever was behind the wheel of this car has some seriously questionable driving skills, however, you can’t deny their incredible luck. Reversing may not be their strong suit, but they certainly know a thing or two about balance. A few inches further and this vehicle would have ended up much like the shattered concrete barrier below.

15. Anyone who has ever dropped their phone in a toilet doesn’t even have to look to know that they are now officially phone-less. The optimists may grab a bag of rice, but the realists know that they now have to make a trip to their service provider. This lucky individual, however, managed to drop their phone in such a way that the bowl caught it before it even touched the water.

16. Dropping your car keys down a metal grate comes with a plethora of inconveniences, the first being how you’re going to even get home. Luckily for this person, they chose the perfect keychain to help deter them from an instant bad day. Most people would end up struggling endlessly with a coat hanger and bubble gum.

17. Everyone knows that a four-leaf clover is supposed to represent good luck and part of that charm comes from the fact that they are not too easy to find. However, this person managed to find a five-leaf clover. It wouldn’t be surprising if the person who found this is also in another photo on this list.

18. Swimming with sharks obviously comes with some blatant risks, but still, many divers gear up and wade with the misunderstood apex predators. However, this scuba diver had one super close call as he managed to move his foot in time to avoid one serious bite. No guarantees that he was as lucky after the duration of this GIF.

19. This kid made one very ill-advised decision to run across the street despite rapidly approaching traffic. Luckily for them, this ambulance managed to break and veer away just in time without even nicking the child. At least if there was an injury, the ambulance would already be there although it appears to already have somewhere to be.

20. Most people aren’t lucky enough to spin out on a highway and live to tell the tale. However, this vehicle managed to miraculously do a full revolution without causing any other accidents. Not only did this car come out unscathed, it also got to continue driving like nothing ever happened.

21. Skateboarding while wearing a backpack might not seem like an ideal way to get around, but for this guy, it ended up becoming an impromptu life jacket. His skateboard may have managed to survive that fall to the concrete below, however, had his bag not got caught, he may not have.

22. These three pedestrians were just innocently crossing the street when a car crash sent one of the vehicles hurtling towards them. Had this car not spun the exact way that it did, the fatality count would have definitely increased. Luckily, all three managed to go unharmed with only one falling victim to a harmless tap.

23. There may be times where it appears safe to Frogger yourself across the street, but you can never really predict what a vehicle’s path. This person certainly did not anticipate the approaching car to spin out almost as if it was targeting him, but luckily he managed to just miss impact.

24. You should always look both ways when crossing a street, but this cyclist turned a little too late. Luckily for him, the front wheel of his bike ended up taking the fall instead of him. This cyclist turning his head feverishly back and forth after the collision indicates that he probably learned his lesson.


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