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Macauley Culkin Is All Grown Up, Rare Photos Of The Actor


If you’ve seen Home Alone then chances are, you’re familiar with Macaulay Culkin. The adorable kid who:

  • Broke our hearts in My Girl
  • Made us laugh in Richie Rich
  • And reinvented himself in Saved!

When he first burst onto the scene in the early 90s, Culkin quickly became a massive star, leading a number of blockbuster hits, making him one of the most recognizable child stars in history.

After taking a break from acting, Culkin returned to to the screen as an adult. And while he’s endured a lot in the public eye, these days he’s looking better than ever.

1. Macaulay Culkin landed his big break when he appeared in the 1989 John Hughes comedy, Uncle Buck, starring John Candy as a slobbish bachelor who turns his brother’s household upside down when he agrees to babysit his three children. Culkin was naturally the breakout star.


2. The role lead to a starring vehicle for himself. A little movie you may have seen called Home Alone. The Christmas classic found Culkin playing the iconic troublemaking youngster, Kevin McCallister who manages to fight off a team of intruders when left, you guessed it, home alone.


3. It wasn’t long before Macaulay-mania officially took over and the child star became a cultural phenomena. He followed up Home Alone with a sequel as well as the memorable adaptation to the comic character, Richie Rich.


4. However, in 1994, he chose to step away from the spotlight, temporarily retiring from acting. It’d be almost ten years before he would grace the screen again and when he did, he’d be looking very different.


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