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16 Male Celebs And Their Awkward Yearbook Photos

Yearbook0Celebrity Year Book

Childhood is an awkward time for plenty of reasons. We’re growing, so one day our pants fit and another day they don’t. We’re also experiencing a lot of emotions, so one minute we’re good and the next we’re bursting out into tears. And, of course, there’s also the issue of fashion.

We think we know how to dress ourselves as children but we don’t. Depending on who our parents are, they might let you walk out of the house in a Winnie the Pooh sweater and bright neon green rain boots even though it’s not raining! The worst part? There’s probably some photo documenting it.

Luckily, kids are pretty cute though so an awkward photo of a kid is met with “oohs” and “awws.” But, alas, not all of our awkward photos took place during childhood. But, fear not, we all have embarrassing yearbook/class photos, so don’t feel down and if you need an extra pick-me-up, then here are 16 male celebrities and their awkward yearbook photos.

1. Justin Bieber. As clearly told by this photo, the Biebs was always about his hair. He’s got the long hair swoop thing going on.

2. Chris Pine. Before starring in Star Trek and being Wonder Woman’s first male love, Chris Pine had a really awkward goatee and super fluffy hair. 

3. Bruno Mars. Whoa, that fro! I’m amazed by this look honestly, and I don’t even think that Bruno would be embarrassed. He probably thinks he looks fly. It is a bit awkward that he would dress in a tux though. Forever Extra.

Yearbook3Celebrity Year Book

4. Liam Hemsworth. Oh, Liam. Do I even need to say more than this? The bad bleach shop, the weird cut, and the smile. No one can say this man didn’t glow up to the very gods themselves.

5. Josh Hutcherson. Oh god, this photo is the definition of awkward if you ask us. He looks super cute in this photo, but his smile is so big and cheesy. It’s that photo your mother would plaster up all over the house and you’d just learn to be embarrassed by it.

Yearbook5Celebrity Year Book

6. Colton Haynes. That does not look like the CW star I’ve come to recognize. Perhaps it’s because his bangs are down? His smile is so half-hearted, bless him.

7. Channing Tatum. Turns out Channing always looked pretty good, but it’s too bad he’s not looking at the camera. It’s really just his unfocused eyes that make him look a bit awkward here.

8. James Franco. He looks like he’d rather be at home sleeping and honestly? Same. I feel you teenage Franco, I feel you. I bet his family was so upset about this photo though like “Really? You couldn’t even smile?”

9. Taylor Lautner. Clearly, he grew up in the Good Charlotte days, I mean, that hair? There’s honestly no other explanation for it.

10. Jim Parsons. This photo originally made me consider how old Jim actually is due to it being in black and white, but he’s not that old. Clearly, he was a sharp dresser though in that tux and bow tie. He does look like he’s struggling to keep his eyes open a little though.

11. Ryan Seacrest. Honestly, does no one ever look at the camera? What’s the point in posing if you aren’t going to look at the camera? Was looking at the camera just not the thing to do back then? It’s weird.

12. 50 cent. Awww, look at little fifty. He was cute! Which, I imagine is awkward for him considering his current reputation and the type of man he brands himself as.

13. Lil Wayne. Yet another rapper who was nothing if not adorable as a child. Awkward for his reputation maybe? Maybe not? But look at those big bright eyes! So cute.

14. Barack Obama. The former president 100% looks like a character from The Get Down. When you consider his prestige, it’s a little awkward to imagine him in a full disco suit like he was very clearly wearing in this photograph.

15. Adam Sandler. Adam’s fro was pretty intense back in the day, though he doesn’t look too odd or unlike himself. All in all, he’s aged pretty well, but he might find any reminders of that afro pretty embarrassing and awkward.

16. Kanye West. We don’t think Kanye would mind being told that he was cute back in the day, but he definitely might mind his attire. His shirt isn’t fitted and the colors are all washed out because of the black and white photo. Ooh yeah, this is probably an awkward one for dear old Yeezy.


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