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Male Hitchhiker Drugged And Raped By Two Women Who Call Themselves ‘Sperm Bandits’

A 25-year-old man who was hitchhiking in South Africa was drugged and raped by two middle-aged women after he got into their car. The recent wave of terror known as the ‘sperm bandits’ or ‘semen harvesters’ has been striking fear into the hearts of any would-be hitchhikers. It has been reported that the 25-year-old was hitchhiking around the Polokwane, Limpopo area when he was approached by two middle-aged women driving a Toyota Tazz.

They offered him a lift and when he got in they forced him to drink an unknown substance after pointing a gun at him.

The male hitchhiker was subsequently raped and then dumped off by the side of a road.

According to Lt Col Moatshe Ngoepe, he said: ‘after the ordeal, it is alleged they drove further with the victim and dropped him off in a secluded area near Tzaneen CBD, where he proceeded to the Tzaneen Police Station and reported the matter.’

male hitchhiker raped sperm bandits

It has been reported that the young man is still in critical condition while medical personnel tries to determine what substance it was that he was forced to ingest.

male hitchhiker raped sperm bandits

This is not the first ‘sperm harvesting’ incident. Recently, Zimbabwe and South Africa have been hit with a wave of female attackers who call themselves ‘sperm bandits.’

male hitchhiker raped sperm bandits

These female attackers will lure male hitchhikers into their vehicles, drug them by forcing them to ingest some sort of substance and then raping the men.

male hitchhiker raped sperm bandits

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