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Malia Obama Moved Into Her Harvard Room And Students Are Reacting

You are moving into your dorm for your first year in College. It’s a pretty big deal. You’re all packed up and ready to go. You get to your school and all of the sudden who do you see? The freaking Obamas.

That’s right. If you’re going to Harvard, chances are you will probably see the Obama family, because Malia Obama just moved into her dorm at Harvard. I can’t believe she’s already going to college…time flies.

The Obamas arrived a bit before the school’s official freshman move-in day for their eldest daughter, Malia, to get settled in. She’s headed back to school after her gap year according to The Boston Globe. Students who saw the family turned to social media to react.  

Some people saw Barack and Michelle Obama walking around Harvard after dropping off Malia in her dorm. They turned to SnapChat to capture the moment.

Just try and imagine walking out of your dorm room, on your way to class and walking right past Malia…who’s also heading to class. Unreal.

Or picture yourself walking around the dining hall, pouring yourself some cereal and Malia is only 20 feet away from you also eating a basic breakfast.

Some students are really wondering if Malia is looking for a BFF and whether or not she’s handing out applications.

Looks like a pretty normal gathering of a bunch of first-year students…just hanging out…with Malia freaking Obama! She looks like she’s already fitting in just fine!

People also took a ton of images and videos of the Obamas at Harvard Square, all of which have gone out on social media this week. One video shows the Obamas waving to onlookers.

During her gap year, the 19-year-old traveled and interned with the Weinstein Company film studio, though it isn’t clear what she’ll be studying.

According to CBSNews, in the past, Malia has worked on the set of the HBO show “Girls” and has worked as a production assistant on the CBS sci-fi series “Extant.”


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