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Mall Kicks Out Young Woman For Wearing This ‘Finding Nemo’ Tank Top And Shorts


Despite the many advances that humankind has made in the past 100 years, there are still certain situations and topics that lack growth. With the advent of the internet and now even self-driving cars, it is quite shocking to see issues such as racism or gender inequality still persist.

That’s why when we see young girls get ‘shamed’ for their choice of clothing, we see it as a form of injustice.

This is exactly what happened to a young woman by the name of Hannah Pewee.

Read more to find out.

Hannah is from Michigan. She was recently kicked out of a local mall for ‘inappropriate dress.’ What was she wearing you ask? Oh, just a Finding Nemo tank top that read ‘just keep swimming,’ a pair of denim shorts and some white flats.

18033913_1422225704503427_8644745592852301632_nHannah Pewee

So she decided to post to Facebook to let the world know of the injustice that she faced. ‘As many of you know, it is NINETY degrees outside today in West Michigan. Aka, really hot. So, of course, I decided to dress for the weather: shorts and a tank top.’

She continued in her post by saying: ‘yup, apparently some anonymous person reported me to MALL SECURITY for inappropriate dress and I was kicked out.’

She also stated that within the mall there ‘were plenty of girls dressed just like me. I am so angry right now I’m shaking.’

Hannah said that she felt so embarrassed she ‘almost cried.’ And this whole incident was due to a stranger not liking how Hannah dressed.

She summarized her post by stating: ‘the Woodland Mall should be ashamed of themselves, as well as that anonymous complainer. It’s my body, and it’s hot outside!’

She cemented her point by stating: ‘I’m not going to show up in jeans and a sweater, sorry. Don’t like it? Look away! I was out having a fun time with my sister and next thing I know, I’m out on the street.’

Her post has since been shared more than 7,000 times and has over 600 comments, most of which are words of support for Hannah.

The Woodland Mall’s official Facebook page also commented on Hannah’s page and has sincerely apologized for their lackluster behavior.

They wrote: ‘Hi Hannah, we just sent you an email. We apologize. We dropped the ball here. It definitely was never our intention to embarrass you.’

The mall continued their apology by saying: ‘We’re working internally to fix our process and training so that this doesn’t happen to any other shoppers in the future, regardless of any complaints. Our team is dedicated to making a fun and safe place for everyone to shop. Let us know if you have a few minutes to talk and let’s make sure we make this right’


Eventually, the two sides were able to talk on the phone and untangle any sort of discrepancies that they might have had. Hopefully, Hannah was at least given a gift certificate to her favorite store in the mall!



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