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Mama June Shannon Shows Off Her New Body In Baywatch Swimsuit

Anyone who remembers the infamous reality TV show Toddlers and Tiaras and the even more infamous Here Comes Honey Boo Boo probably remembers Mama June Shannon, the mother of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. Mama June made her breakthrough reality TV debut on TLC’s hit reality series Toddler & Tiaras before going on to star in her own reality TV show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in 2012.

Well, anyone who has been watching the news lately also probably knows that Mama June has recently gone through a dramatic weight loss, which was documented on her nine-episode Reality TV show Mama June: From Not to Hot, which aired from February to April.

Mama June lost a whopping 300 pounds, down from 460 to 160, and her transformation is nothing short of amazing. Recently she had a Baywatch-themed photo shoot in which she showed off her dramatic weight loss, and you can see the pictures below.

The reality TV star, now 37, revealed her new body to shocked fans all over the world in March.

mamajune01Splash News

She slimmed all the way down to a size four from a whopping 460 pounds.

Mama June had gastric sleeve surgery in May 2016. When explaining the reasoning behind her weight loss, Mama June admitted that she chose to shed the pounds as a way to get back at her ex, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson.

mamajune03WE tv

“I wanted to show him, ‘Hey, I can do [whatever] I want to do'” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I wanted to show him, like, I am actually worth it.”

Mama June previously posed in the iconic Baywatch swimsuit in 2015, and the difference between both pictures is shocking.

mamajune05Jason Winslow/Splash News

When asked how she lost all the weight, Mama June admitted that a big part of it was keeping herself busy.

“Honestly, when I first started losing weight, it was just being more active, being busy with the show and doing more things with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” she told In Touch Weekly.

Mama June also admitted that walking three to five miles a day also played a big role in her massive weight loss. She also got a personal trainer who has helped her through every step of the way.

In March 2016, when Mama June had lost 90 pounds, she decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery because her regular dieting was making her faint and worsening other health problems.


She also got plastic surgery to have her double chin removed. In addition to that, doctors removed the excess skin on her stomach.

mamajune10Toby Canham/Splash News

She also got excess skin removed from her arms, her neck and her legs, and even got a tummy tuck and a breast lift done.

mamajune11Toby Canham/Splash News

Mama June also says that she joined a support group to help her throughout her weight loss journey. “I’m joining a small weight-loss support group. Even though I threw out all my junk food, it would be great to get some help to keep the weight off long-term,” she said in an episode of Mama June: From Not To Hot.

Before the debut of her new show, Mama June had to be sure to stay hidden indoors so as not to reveal her new body before the airing of her new show.

When Mama June debuted her new body, she explained how happy her whole journey has made her.

mamajune14Splash News

“It makes me feel really good to show other people this is what I’ve always thought of myself and that my inside hadn’t changed,” she said. “I feel like [I’m] becoming the person on the outside that I always felt like [I was] on the inside.”

Whether you like Mama June or not, one thing we can all agree on is that this lady has gone through one major transformation. Surgery or not, losing 300 pounds is no easy feat, and despite her antics and questionable behavior at times, Mama June has proven a lot of people wrong by transforming her body into what it is today.

mamajune16Splash News


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