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Man On Twitter Asks ‘How Lazy Are You?’ And The Responses Are Pretty Funny


A guy on Twitter reached out to the world and decided to ask how lazy people were. I doubt he was expecting to get the number of replies that he did, but countless people have poured in trying to out-lazy each other.

Some of the things these people have done I can totally relate to, so I’m sure you will too. From avoiding dirty laundry to washing the dishes, people have come up with some pretty creative, and also kind of unhygienic methods at being lazy.

Here are 16 people that are so lazy, you’ll be shaking your head.

Jake Smith: I’ve honestly been here. Sometimes throwing the clothes back in the wash is just the easiest option. Deal with it later.

Jake Visser: Okay this is a bit extra, he straight up could have just put it back on the hanger. Then it would have been put away. This is actually the guy who posted the question in the first place.

Sad Guy: This guy ran out of bowls, and rather than dealing with washing one, it looks like he’s decided to use a plate instead. I wonder how well that turned out for him.

Kristen: That’s actually pretty smart, and I may just start doing this microwave hack myself.  Extremely lazy? Yes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t genius.

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