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Man Assaulted On United Airlines Flight Finally Speaks Out About Assault


On April 9th, Dr. David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines flight due to an overbooked plane. Even though, in order to board the plane, Dao was given a boarding pass and access without any knowledge of a full plane beforehand. 

The incident was filmed by surrounding passengers that were outraged by the mistreatment the 69-year-old Vietnamese man received.

The doctor has finally taken a step against the American airline company and has chosen to pursue legal action. Recently, his lawyers spoke out on his behalf to shed some light on how the doctor is doing, and what his legal plans are.

Dr. David Dao entrusted two veteran Chicago attorneys with his defense: Thomas A. Demetrio and Stephen Golan. They will represent him for this disheartening trial.

Dao was making his way from Chicago to Louisville when he was brutally removed from his flight by the Chicago Aviation Police Department.

The doctor has spoken on the incident since and has reported to a CBS affiliate that he is not doing well and is injured all over his body.

As a result of the incident, Dao suffered a concussion, loss of his two front teeth and a broken nose. At this time, Dao’s family is focused on his medical care and treatment to ensure that he returns back to his healthy state in no time.

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