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Man Who Had Half His Face Ripped Off By Tiger Reveals His Scars


Animals can be exotic, interesting, lovable, but more importantly extremely dangerous. They are very unpredictable and cause harm to others. Most of us have the ability to keep our distance from them, but there are times where some people find themselves unlucky.

Hashmot Ali was the victim of an unfortunate attack by a tiger. He was left severely disfigured after being savaged by the tiger while fishing on a boat in the forests of Bangladesh.

Since the attack, Ali has confined himself to his village because he does not want to be judged by others around him.

Despite the horrifying attack, Ali has kept his spirits up and the 45 year-old will make an eight-hour journey to the country’s capital Dhaka in search of a life-changing surgery.

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Ali emphasizes how important this surgery is to his life ” I desperately need to get my deformed face fixed. I feel it’s very important that I get my looks back to normal. I want to live my life with pride. I don’t want to hide behind this mask anymore. I have done enough hiding, now I want to live with joy with my kids.”


The incident occurred when Ali was working as a fisherman on the lakes. His boat was docked at a forest canal, and he wanted to take a quick nap so he felt refreshed and ready to go. That’s when the tiger attacked him and left his face disfigured.

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Since the attack, Ali has had several surgeries in order to try and reconstruct the left side of his face. These surgeries included three unsuccessful attempts at skin grafts.

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At the moment, Ali is embarrassed to go anywhere because of the damage to his face, If my face is fixed somehow, “I will be able to go anywhere I want without being embarrassed. I dream and hope to mingle with people with ease and comfort.”

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This brave man lives with his wife, two sons and their daughter, and will be meeting with the best doctors in Bangladesh who will be offering him treatment that could reconstruct his face.

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They will be taking skin from other parts of his body for the procedures. If he decides to go through with it, he will be facing up to two years worth of procedures.

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His wife just wants her husband back and knows that his entire family wants a healthy Hashmot ” We would be very happy if Hashmot is cured. My whole family would love to have a healthy and normal Hashmot with us. He won’t have to hide himself from common people.

Fisherman-Whose-Face-Was-Destroyed-By-A-Tiger-Admitted-For-Surgery-At-Dhaka-MedicalDaily Mirror

The procedures that the doctors will be administering will be two types of skin grafts. Despite the previous three being unsuccessful, doctors are optimistic that they can give Ali his life back.

Split-Thickness Graft: This type of procedure is when doctors remove the top layer of the skin – the epidermis – as well as some portions of the deeper layer of the skin called the dermis. A split-thickness graft procedure is generally used to cover larger areas.

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Full-Thickness Graft: This procedure requires the doctor to remove all of the epidermis and dermis from the donor site. The most common donor sites for this procedure are the abdomen, groin, forearm, and the area above the clavicle. Full thickness grafts are usually used to cover up small wounds on visual parts of the body, usually the face.

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