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Three-Year-Old Dog Attacked In Newport News Park

Three-year-old golden retriever Hunter recently suffered a cut to his nose when he and his owner, Traci Spruill, encountered a man who attacked the dog without cause.

Spruill was walking Hunter when someone approached them and asked to pet Hunter. “When I went up to the guy to allow Hunter to be petted, the guy opened his arms and took a knife and swiped at his face,” Spruill told WTKR. She was able to pull him away fast enough before any serious damage was done but Hunter suffered a small cut to the nose.

Hunter was taken to the vet where he was treated and the wound on his face has already since healed. However, when Spruill told the vets about what happened, they knew the man she was talking about.

“As soon as I went into the place, when I mentioned to them what happened they knew exactly who the guy was. They had mentioned that several other incidents occurred for this guy,” Spruill said.

According to Spruill, the crime happened so fast that she barely had time to get a good look at the suspect or his weapon. She remembers the blade having a black handle and believes the blade may have been curved, though this detail remains unconfirmed.

Wayne Gilbert, the superintendent of Newport News Animal Services, confirmed to WTKR that Hunter didn’t require any veterinary services. He also stated that a suspect was brought in for questioning but due to a lack of evidence, police were unable to arrest them.

Spruill wants the suspect to be caught so she and Hunter can once again go about their walking routine without feeling unsafe.

According to WTKR, Gilbert said, “The Animal Services Division would like to remind both dog owners and people sharing areas with dogs to talk with each other before allowing dogs to approach; communication with each other helps to eliminate misconceptions.”

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