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Man Attempts To Kidnap 10-Year-Old Girl, But Luckily Her ‘Best Friend’ Has Her Back

People always say that a dog is a man’s best friend. But you don’t really know what that means once you actually have a dog. Dog owners know that these four-legged pets have unconditional love for you no matter what. When they feel that someone is trying to threaten or hurt you, their protective instincts kick in.

Many dogs won’t even hesitate to attack. This is exactly what recently happened in Virginia when a ten-year-old girl was out walking her dog and a man tried abducting her. It happened in the girl’s neighborhood around 3:50 pm according to news reports.

As the girl was walking, the man approached her and grabbed her arm. When the dog saw this, he lunged and bit the attacked. Good thing this girl had her dog because as soon as the dog latched onto him the attacker let go of her arm and fled the scene on foot.

People generally feel a lot safer going for walks when they know that their loyal pets are walking right next to them. Regardless how big or small the dog is. You know they will make sure that no one harms you and if they try to? Good luck.

According to news reports, the girl was not injured and police are currently investigating and looking for the man who approached the girl. People on Facebook had a lot to say about the little girl’s rescuer.

#4 Facebook @PrinceWilliamCountyPoliceDepartmentFacebook @PrinceWilliamPoliceDepartment

Many of the comments were noting that the owners should give this dog some extra treats for doing what he did. This dog really deserves as much praising as possible for what he did. If he wasn’t there, who knows what could have happened to that little girl.

The Prince William County Police Department shared this story on their Facebook page and now it’s gone viral. They are asking people to keep their eyes opened and to call if they see a man acting suspiciously.

#3 FacebookFacebook @PrinceWilliamPoliceDepartment

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