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Man Boasted About Beating Wife Before She Died Of Her Injuries

In photos, Maxim Gribanov and Anastasia Ovsiannikova seemed like a happy couple, but the photos of their smiling faces only hid the horrifying truth. When Anastasia told Maxim she wanted to leave him, the man beat his wife nearly to death. After, he filmed his beaten wife and bragged about his actions to his friends.

Anastasia and Maxim’s relationship was never as perfect as it may have seemed in their photographs. While the two appeared to be in love, they were actually in constant state of intense turmoil. Maxim sharing video of his bruised wife was the culmination of years of emotional and physical abuse.

While the man beat his wife regularly, there was even more abuse on an emotional and psychological level. Maxim reportedly extended his hostility toward Anastasia’s family. He made threats toward her father and brother, warning them not to report him beating her. In addition, Maxim forced Anastasia to quit her job at the town hall.

Anastasia told her close friends and family that she had wanted to leave Maxim. She had met someone new and desperately wanted to escape his relentless torment. Unfortunately, she was paralyzed by fear. She told her friends and family that she was afraid of what might happen if Maxim knew she was leaving him.


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