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Man Catches Girlfriend Cheating, Does Photoshoot While They Slept In Bed


Just like a muscle, trust is a thing that needs to be exercised, used regularly, practiced often, and refined until massive. During your adolescence, you can hardly lift the weight let alone perform a bicep curl with perfect form, and that’s exactly the same as the adolescence period of a relationship. In the early stages, trust has not been built yet, but through time and action that muscle (trust) can be gained (earned.) With trust, only through time can one strengthen that muscle. Only by repeated trustworthy actions can you truly gain someone’s trust.

And just like with muscles, trust can tear apart in an instance, God forbid.

No matter the cause, whether by accident or self-induced, once trust is broken it is very hard to restore.

Duston Holloway lives in Dallas, Texas. With his ex-girlfriend, the two share a son, Easton Holloway.

10172589_10204718201107845_7411633373065553997_nDuston Holloway

But it was with his girlfriend, now his ex, that he caught her in the act of cheating. He returned home one night from work and found his then girlfriend in bed with an unknown man.

17352007_10211063101686394_5597290152295054862_nDuston Holloway

Instead of yelling and screaming, and maybe indulging in some violent actions, he decided to keep it calm and take the high road.

13346424_10208436481982543_6458862841392760214_nDuston Holloway

So what did he do? He took selfies. With the sleeping couple in the background of course.

6Duston Holloway

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