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Man Drills Into Stump And Pours Oil Instead Of Paying Someone $1,000 To Remove It


Sometimes, whether it be due to a tree falling down because of old age, or perhaps due to a weather related accident, trees have to be removed. After it falls or has been cut down, however, you are often left with an unattractive and inconvenient stump in your yard.

There are a couple of different methods that you can use to remove the stump such as hiring expensive garden workers, or by using a chemical removal method which isn’t the best for the environment, and can also be on the pricey side.

Did you know that there is a DIY process you can use to remove tree stumps that only uses things found in most kitchens? With just vegetable oil and charcoal, you can naturally remove trees stumps from your yard for a fraction of the price that a professional would charge.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to remove a tree stump from your yard simply by drilling a few holes.

You can pay to have someone come and professionally remove the tree, which is recommended. But you don’t necessarily have to pay to get the stump removed.

Some people may even choose to leave the stump as a natural decorative part of the garden. Over time it will blend into the yard but it can also be a hazard. Such as tripping over it and being a lawnmower obstacle. 

You can use a very simple process to remove the stump that only requires a drill, some vegetable oil, and charcoal. All things can be found in most households. 

Start off by drilling quarter sized holes into the tree stump. 

The first step is to simply pour vegetable oil into the holes that you have drilled. 

Do this for a couple days, until the wood has become saturated with the oil. Even though this process takes a bit longer, it’s cheaper and DIY. 

After that process, place charcoals on top of the oily stump and set it on fire. 

You can use other kindling as well to get the fire started, and once it’s ablaze the stump will be in the final stages of removal. 

Repeat this process for a couple of days as needed, and you will notice the stump starts to naturally decompose and disappear on its own. 

This isn’t the fastest method, as previously mentioned, but it is much less expensive than if you were to hire professionals to do the job. 

You should be left with a cleared stump, and all it took was a few drill spots and some oil. If you have the time and the patience then this method is perfect for you. 

So now you know how to naturally remove a tree stump from your yard if you don’t feel like calling the professionals or using chemicals.


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