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After Eating Only Potatoes For One Year, Man Shares Photos Of What Happened To His Body

After Taylor had lost his weight, several articles ran highlighting his journey and Taylor uploaded several updates on his social media channels.

His Facebook not only includes updates from him but also from those who have written in and told him of their stories going on a potato-based diet. 

On his website, Taylor explains that the spud challenge is one where people can partake in a supportive community of those who are trying to curb their diets and get a control on their weight. 

He prides himself on his knowledge of health and athletics, which is outlined on his website. Taylor has been a secondary school teacher of 15 years for physical education and at-risk youth. He has a Bachelor degree in Sports Science and has a certificate from the Starch Solution course that can be taken online.

Experts are also outlining their recommendations for weight-loss in the face of Taylor’s success.

In an article with Independent in September of 2017, Taylor said, “I’m getting over 600 percent of my daily iron retirements and over 400 percent of vitamin C as well as heaps of fiber – all things that so-called experts have said I’d be low in today,” 

Independent reported that he started the potato diet only after researching scientific papers and staying in touch with a physician and dietitian throughout the year. They also reported that nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert claims potatoes are “a nutrition powerhouse”, while clinical nutrition professor at Boston University, Joan Salge Blake, says that baked potatoes help with blood pressure. also stated that when a student tried the diet, his cholesterol dropped by 30 percent.

However, obesity specialist Spencer Nadolsky, D.O., told Men’s Health that the diet may not hurt you right away, it has the potential to cause problems down the road.

He told the magazine that eating nothing but potatoes means you’re not eating enough protein and fat, which has the potential to bring down energy, weaken the immune system, makes you feel hungry, and affects concentration. He added that your muscles could deteriorate, which means you’ll lose definition even if you shed pounds. Personally, he said that he wouldn’t recommend it. In his interview, he said that being on a potato diet is one of the most restrictive diets you could go on.

Taylor isn’t the only person to be interviewed for an all-potato diet. In 2010, BBC spoke with Chris Voigt who was eating only 20 potatoes a day for several months.

In their article, BBC spoke with nutritionist Fiona Hunter who said that while potatoes have good aspects to them like containing vitamins and minerals, eating only potatoes will strip you of the nutrients you need.

Regardless of what you personally decide to choose, you should always take the necessary precautions when it comes to weight loss, especially a significant amount of weight loss.

Taylor went in for regular checkups with physicians and dietitians and researched the topic from several credible sources before he went on the diet.

In fact, Taylor’s first rule listed in his FAQ page on his website is, “Do your own research and make educated decisions – don’t just do things because you saw some weird bloke on the internet doing it! Also get medical supervision to make sure everything is going well for you, especially if you are taking any medications.”

Be sure to do your research before going on any kind of diet and visit Taylor’s website for more information.

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