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Man Tells His Girlfriend That He Is Going For A Drink, Ends Up In Ibiza

We’ve all had one of those nights where we’ve said we’re going out for one drink, and then end up stumbling home at some ungodly hour, wondering what the heck happened. Remember the guy who went out partying and ended up in Paris? He decided not to bring his passport to the club anymore after that. Well, another man from Porth Crawl, South Wales has taken the cake by going on a spontaneous 3-day vacation after telling his partner he was going out ‘for a few pints.’

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 11.58.40 AM thesun

20-year-old Hannah Williams thought that her partner Gareth Kelly, 30 was ‘taking the [expletive]’ when he texted her from the back of a taxi cab telling her that he was going to be taking a last minute holiday, despite having to go to work the next morning.

After helping his sister move out, Gareth was out enjoying some drinks with friends. But then, Hannah received a text message at around 12 am from Gareth, saying that he was on his way to the airport to hit up the Spanish party spot, Ibiza.

Hannah didn’t believe him until she decided to face time him and saw that he really was on his way to the airport. ‘[I thought] he was just being a clown like he always is,’ Hannah said. ‘He told me not to worry as he’ll buy me a fridge magnet. He could at least buy me some perfume from duty-free.’ Hannah said, according to The Sun. Click on the next page to see the hilarious photos he sent her from Ibiza.

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