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College Professor Ari Nagel Opens Up About Fathering 29 Children With 24 Women

Professor Ari Nagel is a Jewish math professor from Brooklyn who has now fathered 29 children (and counting) with over 24 different women. The reasoning behind Professor Nagel’s exploits with his female companions does not come from a place of debauchery but more of a place of service as many women who cannot afford fertility clinics seek out Nagel in hopes to collect some of his “super sperm.”

Professor Ari Nagel, who recently appeared on programs like Maury Povich and Good Morning Britain, is said to have a high sperm count, which is why many women seek him out for donations. However, the manner in which he donates his seed is under somewhat of scrutiny. Nagel is reported to have used Target men’s room bathrooms, Starbucks bathrooms, often just handing cups filled with the stuff to his clients.

Other times, Nagel is encouraged to engage in intercourse with the women seeking out children. Women will also often pay for his flights to Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam, or just about any state in the U.S. you can think of. Nagel’s super-sperm has gotten him into trouble with his previous wife, ending in a divorce with her in the past year. He fathered 3 children with his wife Roxanne.

Nagel has been only sued by 5 separate women for child support, which resulted in him losing more than half of his paycheck every week, but this has not stopped him from attempting to make even more children. Nagel even is involved with some of these families, attending birthday parties and even some of the births. When asked if what he is doing seems creepy, Nagel claims that having an anonymous donor seems creepy, because you don’t know who the person is. Nagel hopes to continue with his ‘donations’ in any manner he pleases.
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