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Man Finds Cocktail Umbrella In Wife’s Purse, Thought It Was Drugs So He Called The Cops On Her


Discovering that your significant other is using illegal drugs behind your back is no laughing matter, but what one man’s suspicions led him to believe has left Twitter in stitches.

A man in Wyoming, Minnesota suspected his wife was doing drugs after he snooped through her purse and found something that he thought was a cause for alarm. Instead of confronting her, this man went straight to the police, a decision he probably now regrets.

Somehow, the “drugs” this man found in his wife’s purse were nothing more than a drink accessory. Since then, this baffling misunderstanding has gone viral and his marriage may be on the rocks now more than ever.

A man, whose identity hasn’t been revealed to the public, called the Wyoming, Minnesota police department to come investigate what he thought were drugs found in his wife’s purse.

The police inspected these so-called “drugs” to find that they were anything but. How he confused what he found for drugs is even puzzling the police department.

While the man was wholeheartedly relieved to know that his wife was clean, he will now have to live with the eternal embarrassment that he thought a broken cocktail umbrella was somehow an illegal drug.

cocktail umbrellaTwitter / @wyomingpd

The Wyoming police department shares updates about local ongoings through their official Twitter page, but this story got significantly more attention than the rest.

Wyoming, MN Police tweeted a picture of their findings, writing, “A man thought he found drugs in his wife’s purse & contacted us. He was happy to learn that the items were just a broken cocktail umbrella.”

Naturally, Twitter blew up and a plethora of people started to ask the questions we’re all wondering, including how has he never seen a cocktail umbrella before? And what made him think they were drugs?

The Wyoming police department responded to the inquiries, saying that they had to Google a picture of what a cocktail umbrella looks like not broke into pieces to show the man.

The police department’s broken cocktail umbrella tweet quickly went viral, receiving over 3,000 retweets and 5,000 likes, a definite first for their Twitter.

The Wyoming police department is no stranger to having some fun on the job. The department tweeted a photo on April 20th, writing, “Undercover #420 operations are in place. Discrete traps have been set up throughout the city today. #Happy420.”

However, as much as the mistaken cocktail umbrella warranted laughs, the Wyoming police department still knows that drug use is a subject that should be taken seriously.

The police department pinned a tweet stating that substance abuse is a real issue and that those with substance abuse problems should contact them for resources.

While the Wyoming police department did their best, people still understandably have a lot of questions for this concerned husband. Maybe he’s the one on drugs.


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