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Man Finds Gecko Eggs, Then One Hatches Right In His Hand

From the striking scenery to the unique creatures that occupy the island, Hawaii is an undeniably beautiful place to live in and it’s full of surprises. One Oahu resident made quite a discovery while doing some routine gardening around his home and ended up seeing something quite spectacular.  

While working on his garden, a Hawaii man noticed something unusual inside of a hollow bamboo log. An arrangement of small, loosely attached eggs decorated the log’s interior, some of which had already hatched. Considering these eggs could potentially be the spawn of garden pests, the man decided to inspect further.


While holding the tiny eggs in the palm of his hand, one of them started to tremble and crack. Eventually, a minuscule gecko emerged from within the shell. After witnessing the incredible sight of a gecko hatching right before his eyes, the man returned the tiny lizard and the eggs back within the safety of the bamboo log.

Imgur user maddabber uploaded pictures of his discovery to the image hosting website where they quickly went viral receiving almost 3,000 points and over 130,000 views. Geckos aren’t a foreign sight in Hawaii, but getting the rare chance to witness one hatch on the palm of your hand must be an incredible experience.

Unlike birds, lizard eggs aren’t revisited by their parents and they don’t imprint, which means that this new baby gecko has a good chance of making it on its own after being placed back in the bamboo log. Geckos are one of the few reptiles that notoriously colonize islands. Maddabber couldn’t identify what particular species of gecko hatched in his hand, but Hawaii is known to be home to seven different species.  

The reason that geckos are able to colonize islands so well is due to some having the ability of parthenogenesis. Some female geckos are able to reproduce completely on their own through parthenogenesis, a natural form of asexual reproduction in which no fertilization of the embryo is necessary. Many Hawaii locals believe that Geckos are the spirits of the past ancestors of the island and residents often treat them with love, some even taking them in as pets.


While tiny eggs near a garden can be a worrisome sight, lizards are actually reptiles that many gardeners attempt to attract. Lizards often tend to stay in one place for many years, which prompts people to build little shelters for them as they can be beneficial to one’s garden. While geckos naturally have a taste for crickets, they also help keep the number of other bugs down.

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