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Man Fights Off A Leopard As It Rampaged Through A School


In this nightmare of an event, a male leopard made it’s way inside Vibgyor International school in Bengaluru, India and went on a rampage. The chase went on for ten hours as the leopard ran through the school biting and mauling people in it’s path. Injuring six people in the process, this cat ran through: 

  • The Swimming Pool
  • The Corridors
  • The Walls

Veterinary staff and wildlife experts came to the scene and it eventually took several people to trap, catch, and tranquilize the creature, the hours prior were hectic, scary and dangerous. 

In all the activity, several photos were captured, documenting the entire scary ordeal.  

With pants already torn and nothing but binoculars for defense, brave wildlife expert Sanjay Gubbi fought off the cat for as long as he could but was bitten and mauled in the process.

As Gubbi wrestles the beast, another man waited nearby armed with a tranquilizer gun. To avoid shooting Gubbi, everyone had to wait. These photographs look like the scene out of a crazy action movie. It’s insane to know that they actually happened at a school, and for such a long period of time.

Dripping with blood from the attack, Gubbi escaped until further action was taken.

Then, helpers set up nets along the walls and windows of the school in an attempt to catch the leopard. 

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