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Man Gets 2nd-Degree Burns From Working Outside, Warns Others About The Sun


With the summer just around the corner, many people are working towards getting that bronzed look. A tan is beneficial not only because adequate amounts of sunlight are healthy but also because it helps one appear slimmer (that’s why bodybuilders get tans before stepping on stage.) 

However, it is important to apply sunblock and to also avoid long bouts directly under the sun.  

This 20-year-old found out the hard way after spending a long day under the sun. 

Read more to find out.

Greg Binnie is from Scotland and he was left with second-degree burns after spending an afternoon out in the sun without sunscreen.

In an interview, Greg said that he was working outdoors mowing lawns for 7 hours before he felt the signs of a sunburn.

He continued on by saying: ‘the weather was forecast to be quite nice but nothing out of the ordinary. I did feel hot during the day but just assumed it was because of how much work I was doing.’


‘I could feel my skin was a bit tender but it wasn’t until my mom and dad did point out the red color on my skin was a bit intense.’

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