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Man Gets Mad After Seeing Stranger’s Grocery Cart


When we go grocery shopping, it can be hard not to notice what other people are buying. Sometimes it’s fun to try to picture what someone will be having for dinner based on what you see in their cart. It’s also fun to try to guess if the person’s cart contents hint that they have children, or if they’re living the good old single life.

Although you should never judge someone before getting to know them, it’s hard to resist peaking at someone’s grocery cart and to see what they’re purchasing.

This is what U.S. Army soldier Patrick Gibson did while he was buying his own groceries, except his story enraged him so much that he decided to share it on social media and tell the world…and it might enrage you, too.

Patrick Gibson is currently an active duty army soldier who struggles to provide for himself and his family.

grocery01 |

One day while Patrick stood in line at the grocery store, he couldn’t help but glance at what the person in front of him was buying.

grocery02 |

He noticed that the person had two carts loaded with top quality food. Patrick also happened to notice that the person had a wad of rolled up bills in their wallet.

grocery03 |

When the person paid their bill, Patrick was shocked to see what they paid with.

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