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Man Gets Mad After Seeing Stranger’s Grocery Cart


When we go grocery shopping, it can be hard not to notice what other people are buying. Sometimes it’s fun to try to picture what someone will be having for dinner based on what you see in their cart. It’s also fun to try to guess if the person’s cart contents hint that they have children, or if they’re living the good old single life.

Although you should never judge someone before getting to know them, it’s hard to resist peaking at someone’s grocery cart and to see what they’re purchasing.

This is what U.S. Army soldier Patrick Gibson did while he was buying his own groceries, except his story enraged him so much that he decided to share it on social media and tell the world…and it might enrage you, too.

Patrick Gibson is currently an active duty army soldier who struggles to provide for himself and his family.

grocery01 |

One day while Patrick stood in line at the grocery store, he couldn’t help but glance at what the person in front of him was buying.

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He noticed that the person had two carts loaded with top quality food. Patrick also happened to notice that the person had a wad of rolled up bills in their wallet.

grocery03 |

When the person paid their bill, Patrick was shocked to see what they paid with.

The shopper paid with food stamps. Normally this wouldn’t bug Patrick…until he noticed that not only did the person have a large amount of cash in his wallet, but he also drove an extremely expensive car.

Patrick took a photo of the carts and posted them on Facebook.

grocery06 |

“The picture you see on the left is the amount of groceries including diapers that I was able to afford this pay period for my family (wife, son, daughter, myself ) which was paid in cash since I actually work hard for a living,” the post read.

grocery07 |

“The picture on the right is of the purchase in front of me in line. If you can’t tell in the picture there are 2 full buggies of groceries including such items like steak and some other very nice choices of food. Here’s the kicker. This purchase was made in food stamps.”

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It’s not really fair to jump to conclusions in this kind of situation. There’s no shame in using food stamps, but what Patrick was fuming at was the fact that the person had a huge wad of cash sitting in their wallet.

Patrick explained why he was so mad further on in his post. You’d think his reason for being upset would end there, but it’s just the beginning. 

“I wouldn’t have a problem with if I didn’t see the person move their big fold of cash out of the way to get to the ebt card and then load them into the back of a brand new Hyundai Genesis,” he wrote.

grocery11 |

“That is about 15k-20k more than my car.”

“I just thought I would take the time to tell this person/family that you are very welcome from all of us hard working/struggling to buy food Americans that have to foot the bill for your fancy steak feast while I skip breakfast and lunch every day that way my wife and children have food to eat everyday, because $50-$75 dollars doesn’t go very far.”

grocery13 |

“So you enjoy your $800 free grocery purchase.”

grocery14 |

Patrick struggles to get by everyday and provide for his family. He that this person was taking advantage of the system.

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What do you think? Do you think Patrick was too quick to jump to conclusions without knowing the full story, or do you think his anger was justified?


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