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Man Gets Mad After Seeing Stranger’s Grocery Cart

The shopper paid with food stamps. Normally this wouldn’t bug Patrick…until he noticed that not only did the person have a large amount of cash in his wallet, but he also drove an extremely expensive car.

Patrick took a photo of the carts and posted them on Facebook.

grocery06 |

“The picture you see on the left is the amount of groceries including diapers that I was able to afford this pay period for my family (wife, son, daughter, myself ) which was paid in cash since I actually work hard for a living,” the post read.

grocery07 |

“The picture on the right is of the purchase in front of me in line. If you can’t tell in the picture there are 2 full buggies of groceries including such items like steak and some other very nice choices of food. Here’s the kicker. This purchase was made in food stamps.”

grocery08 |

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