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Man Gets Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend With A Heart Shaped Box Full Of Roaches

Ending a meaningful relationship with someone is never easy, but finding out that they’ve been unfaithful can be one of the worst types of heartbreak. However, one scorned lover came up with an intricate way to get even and found that revenge is a dish best served crawling. 

An anonymously uploaded video has gone viral after a man discovered that his girlfriend had been cheating on him and gave her a Valentine’s Day present she’d never forget. Instead of confronting his two-timing girlfriend after finding out, this guy decided to wait until the romantic holiday to truly end their relationship with an exclamation mark.


girlfriend opening present

After picking up his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, he presented her with what appeared to be a heart shaped box of chocolates. While the unsuspecting girlfriend excitedly untied the ribbon sealing the gift, her boyfriend casually exits the vehicle and proceeds to lock the car doors.

The hidden camera in the car shows the girlfriend’s horrified realization once she discovers that the heart shaped box is packed with cockroaches writhing around within. To make matters worse, the girlfriend throws the box in the air after seeing the roaches and ends up being confined in the car as they scatter around her.

The horrified girlfriend continually screams to be let out of the cockroach infested car while contorting herself over the driver’s seat in order to not touch the floor. However, there’s nothing she can do to escape the critters as they can be seen scaling her throughout her panicking.  

Honking the car horn and repeatedly trying to open the doors to no avail, it’s clear that this cheating girlfriend got one creepy crawly dose of karma she’ll never forget.

If the experience of being locked in a car with cockroaches wasn’t enough, this man’s video went completely viral on YouTube, receiving over 8 million views and counting.


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