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Man Goes To Extremes To Win McDonald’s Monopoly


Peter Czerwinski is a 31-year-old Canadian YouTuber who is more commonly known as Furious Pete. He is a competitive eater, a YouTuber, weightlifter and also holds fourteen Guinness World Records in eating. He has nearly four and a half million subscribers on YouTube and has racked up more than a billion total views on YouTube.

But more recently, it was his massive purchase at McDonald’s that generated a lot of media attention.

With Monopoly coming back to McDonald’s in Canada, it should be no surprise that Furious Pete ordered more than 300 dollars worth of French fries.

McDonald’s Monopoly is now back in Canada and it gives Canadians a chance at winning plane tickets, cash prizes, cars, and even snowmobiles!


Smaller prizes include free McDonald’s food and gift cards. The fast-food chain says that there is a 1 in 5 chance to win some sort of prize.


So Furious Pete decided to put those odds to the test. He ordered 100 large fries at once and in order to keep his calories low, he ordered a large diet coke as well.


The bill came to a little over 340 dollars but with two game stamps for each large fry and a large drink, that amounted to 202 chances to win some sort of prize.


Now I am not sure if Pete ate all those fries (he probably did, I mean he IS a competitive eater) but he was expecting to win at least 40 prizes given those 1 in 5 odds. However, the Canadian vlogger only came away with 23 prizes which most of them, he said, were just ‘cheeseburgers.’


But an in-depth look at the official rules of the Monopoly game revealed that the chances of winning were actually based on the number of game pieces.


Each game piece represents two stamps so given that formula, it actually shows that McDonald’s was truthful and accurate in portraying their odds.


The rules also show that as the value of the prizes goes up, the odds of winning those prizes go down. So the chances of winning a cheeseburger or a Mcflurry are 1 in 5 whereas winning the ten thousand dollar cash prize is about 1 in 13 million.



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