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This Man Had A Genetic Test. When He Read The Results, He Was Sick With Disgust


Bobby Dunbar disappeared while on a family trip with his parents in 1912 and was the center of much controversy and speculation in the media and law enforcement for months. Eight months later, the police arrived at Bobby’s parent’s home and told his parents that they had found the little boy.

A man named William Cantwell Walters had supposedly picked up the young boy, though he insisted to the police that the boy was not Bobby. He said that the boy they were mistaking for Bobby was actually the son of a friend. The boy’s name was Bruce Anderson, and he was the son of Julia Anderson. When the Dunbars saw the boy, they were sure it was him. They took him in and went back to their regular lives. For years, Julia Anderson claimed that the little boy the Dunbars had taken in was her son, but her claims were largely ignored. Rumors about Bobby and Bruce circulated for decades, causing much speculation over the decades.

Decades later, a descendant of Bobby Dunbar took a DNA test to finally put the rumors to rest, and the results were pretty disturbing. Here’s his story.

Julia Anderson, the mother of Bruce Anderson, claimed for years that the little boy who had been found with William Cantwell Walters was her son.

She said that he was not Bobby Dunbar, and begged to get him back.

Julia was considered a lower class in society and no one listened to her.

She continued to insist that the little boy was her son, so the police finally agreed to do a lineup with five different boys who were the same age as Bruce. The lineup included the boy she claimed was her son.

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