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Man Has Been Living On A Deserted Island For 20 Years


Have you ever felt like packing a bag, quitting your job, and moving to a desert island to live out the rest of your days? We’ve all been there, but one man has pulled a full Tom Hanks in Castaway and has been living on an island since 1997!

David Glasheen is a 73-year-old man living on a Restoration Island. This is a small land mass off Northeast Australia.

He lives with just the company of his dog, and although he says he misses the occasional intelligent conversation, he’s never been happier.

Check out David’s island, which he calls his ‘heaven on earth.’

After the stock exchange crash of 1987, David lost his multi-million-pound fortune and made the decision to move.

He’s a former businessman and property magnate. He was worth an average of $28.4 million at his best until the crash happened.

Now, he’s totally self-sufficient. He lives in a shack with the company of his dingo-cross dog Polly.

David explained that when he came to the island he was sick of money. ‘Money is what makes people sick and my marriage had been broken apart,’ he said.

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