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This Man Has Two Girlfriends And They Call Themselves A ‘Trouple’


Although many people don’t have a difficult time accepting that love is love, and people can be with whoever they want, there are still some types of relationships that are viewed as taboo by some.

Throughout history, this has happened to several different types of pairings including couples of mixed race, and same-sex relationships.

People eventually learned to get over their flawed opinions and though both pairings were once considered illegal they are now accepted in most parts of the world.

However, there is another form of relationship that is still heavily criticized. Some people would call it polygamy, which is a traditional/religious practice, and others use the more modern term polyamorous.

This is when the relationship consists of more than two people. This could mean that both partners are allowed to see people on the side or there is a third member of the relationship altogether.

One polyamorous family of three, who calls themselves a ‘trouple,’ has two sons and are about to bring another baby into the family.

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Adam Lyons from London is in a relationship with two women. He has had two children with Brooke Shedd and is now about to have a third with his other girlfriend Jane Shalakhova. 

The family believes that the additional parent makes life easier on everyone, and Brooke’s eldest son Oliver says it’s nice having an extra person to hang out with. But how does this unique arrangement work? Keep reading to find out.

Two years ago, Adam was considered one of the luckiest men alive for his living situation with two girlfriends. They were known for their unique and sometimes cheeky lifestyle.

Ever since bringing children into the family, the trouple’s attention has been directed at them. Although Oliver calls his second mother Jane, his younger brother Dante calls her mom (as will the new baby.)

At first, Jane wasn’t sure if she was going to have children herself, but she has always been active with her motherly duties.

The couple shares a kingsize bed. As well as co-parenting, they also homeschool their children. The couple lives on a large property in Austin where they have one house that Jane and Adam use as an office. The other house is used as a living space and it’s where Brooke homeschools the children.

The main thing the couple preaches is that three people make things so much easier. There’s always someone available to watch the children so there’s tons of time for dates and spending time together.

When they first came out about their relationship they were faced with criticism and were even told that it wouldn’t last. But five years later the couple is still going strong. They say that they’re setting a good example.

Although it’s not legal, the couple does want to marry one day. Brooke expressed that she hoped to one day have a wedding to show her commitment to Adam and Jane.

For now, the couple lives happily and they know it’s possible for three people to be in a positive relationship. They insist that it’s not a phase or a fling and that they’re a real family with healthy, happy kids.

Jane admitted that she would have never considered having children until she saw how much easier it was with three parents on hand.

Although Brooke isn’t carrying this child, she still does all the little things like touching and talking to the bump and is equally excited for Jane’s pregnancy.

The couple plans to have more children in the future. With their family increasing, their days of clubbing and unique bedroom time may be coming to an end. They had previously been in an open relationship but are so exhausted with the kids that they don’t have the time anymore.

Many people probably still don’t agree with the “trouple’s” arrangements, but it works for them and they insist it makes life easier. As long as they know what makes them happy, to each their own.

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