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Guy In T-Rex Costume Completes American Ninja Warrior Challenge

NBC’s American Ninja Warrior has seen numerous competitors from all over the country come to test their strength and endurance on the increasingly difficult obstacle course. However, the competition show saw a first when a man donned an inflatable T. Rex costume, which naturally ended in hilarious results.  

 “A 65 million year old carnivore from the Cretaceous Period, it’s Tyrannosaurus rex,” the commentator joked as the costumed competitor approached the starting point. Successfully making his way through the floating steps, it quickly became clear that this prehistoric dino was already a crowd favorite.


While the course is already incredibly challenging, attempting it while wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume only makes things more unyielding. However, this competitor made for one impressive run, dominating the course up until halfway through the spin cycle obstacle. “Down goes the T. Rex,” the commentator exclaims. “Well it wasn’t a meteor that ended the dinosaurs, it was the spin cycle!”

The commentators played along with the costume, replaying the T. Rex’s moment of defeat and attributing it to the dinosaur’s short little arms. “Remember, T. Rex weighs about 5 tons, so he’s one of our heavier competitors,” one commentator says in praise of this dinosaur’s surprisingly remarkable performance.

Despite a disqualifying slip on the spin cycle section, the determined T. Rex wasn’t done entertaining onlookers. The dino decided to jump right back on the course and ambitiously take on the show’s signature Warped Wall finale obstacle.   

With not much running room and tiny arms to boot, the T. Rex impressively managed to clear the Warped Wall, receiving a well deserved standing ovation from the audience.

The competitor underneath the T. Rex costume, Reko Rivera, has previously competed on American Ninja Warrior sans dino guise. Oddly enough, Rivera actually performed better as a T. Rex than he did wearing the traditional competitor garb.


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