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Man Opened Antique Safe He Inherited, When He Found What Was Inside, He Went To A Financial Advisor


After his great uncle passed away, Jacob learned that his uncle had left him a giant safe in his will. The only stipulation was that Jacob had to get the safe out of the house that was due to be demolished. So via an Imgur post, Jacob decided to document the difficulties and surprises that were left behind for him by his great uncle.

What he originally thought of as being an easy task turned out to be quite the hurdle to jump.

As he and his friend tried lugging the safe up from the basement. They soon came to terms with how difficult and heavy the safe was.

Jacob said: ‘My friend and I had a furniture dolly and thought we could get it just the two of us.’


‘We got it on the dolly with relative ease but once we tried to get it up the first step we quickly realized we had been beaten by an inanimate object…for now.’


So that’s when Jacob went to his father who not only brought in a skid loader but also built a makeshift ramp to help get the safe up and out.


In his post, he wrote: ‘a few weeks later my dad and I came back with the big guns to get this thing out.’


‘We made this ramp out of 1×12’s that were screwed together with 1×1’s on the back to catch the treads and prevent slipping.’


So chaining the safe to the skid loader, and putting the safe up on the ramp, the father-son duo were able to retrieve the safe from the depths of the basement.


After cleaning the safe and getting the instruction manual to learn how to open the safe, Jacob was pretty laid back at what he found inside originally.


‘The lock design was unlike any I had seen before in that it had 4 entries. You had to spin to the first number clockwise, then had to rotate the dial 3 times counterclockwise to the second number, then 2 times clockwise again to the 3rd number, and finally 1 time counterclockwise to the final number as per the manufacturer’s instructions.’


But when Jacob opened up the safe he didn’t find anything extraordinary. He saw a bunch of papers and, knowing that his uncle was a hoarder, it left him thinking that everything inside the safe was just junk.


But the pair kept going and were delighted to make this shocking find. ‘We found two different Disney Co. Stock Certificates amounting to 30 shares. It was our understanding that my great uncle’s trust (whose name the certificates are in) had been closed out and liquidated upon his passing.’

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Jacob immediately went to a financial advisor to determine if the documents were real. ‘After getting in touch with [a financial advisor] and doing some paperwork and research it turns out these certificates ARE still outstanding!!! … My grandpa and I are going through the process of changing the names on the certificates out of my great uncle’s trust so that they will be valid again.’


As of this writing, Jacob estimates that the shares could be worth up to 50,000 dollars!



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